To represent classified and professional exempt staff concerns to the University administration. Informational meetings are scheduled with the President of the University, the Chancellor, Vice-Chancellors and other administrators to discuss concerns/items of interest.

Staff Council Goals

  • Develop and foster open relationship with VC Admin office
    • Supervision support for SC participation
    • Funding – BFA (Boulder Faculty Assy.) 
  • Explore process on how staffing levels, maintenance levels are set when a new building comes on line.
  • Get membership list for 2030 subcommittees
  • Encourage website usage – trivia contest on SC with prizes?
  • Support eco-pass for other campus’
  • New employee forums
  • Get brochures to members
  • Email lists of constituents to members
  • Attend other CU departmental staff meetings
  • Develop talking points with University Perspective
  • Send electronic communication with info and activities of SC
  • Review UBAB members
    • Should SC have a representative
    • Work with UCSC – work out relationship
  • Check into Environmental Council – who / what function