Staff Council has a variety of committees that you are invited to serve on. You do not need to be a member of Staff Council to volunteer to be on a committee.


The purpose of the Staff Council Elections Committee is to set up and supervise the election of Staff Council representatives, delegates, and officers of Staff Council.  The responsibilities of the committee are the coordination of the announcement and replacement of membership vacancies, the verification of candidacy, the creation of a ballot, and the counting of votes for Staff Council representative positions.  Committee members also collect nominations and supervise balloting for Staff Council officers and delegates. The committee is composed of a chair and five or more members.  The chair of the committee serves on the Staff Council Executive Board.  Committee members assist at the April meeting when Council officers, delegates, and Appointed-At-Large representatives are elected.


The PBR part of this committee was formed  in August 2007, to address the three primary issues of staff at UCB. The committee acts as a conduit for our constituents by soliciting staff concerns, researching payroll and benefits issues, disseminating accurate and timely information to staff, and advocating for appropriate compensation and benefits. In 2008, the legislative component was joined serving to track proposed state and federal legislation impacting higher education and State of Colorado employees.  The committee analyzes proposed legislation in order to educate staff on both the pros and cons of the issues.  Additionally, the Committee organizes meetings of staff with local legislators and candidates.  One of the goals of the committee is to involve more staff in the legislative process.


This committee was formed in 1991 at the request of the Chancellor.  Its purpose is to arrange a variety of year-round events designed to honor Boulder campus staff. The activities scheduled in the past have included the Fall Staff Breakfast, Spring Luncheon, Fiske Planetarium Star Shows, Ice Cream Socials, etc. In addition to the outreach committee members, all other SC members are expected to help on the day of these major events.

AWARDS & STAFF RECOGNITION COMMITTEE (ASR) Years of Service Recognition: The committee organizes lists composed from personnel reports, prepares and issues recognition award certificates for classified and /professional exempt staff of Boulder Campus who have reached completion of each 5 year increment. A spring reception is held for Boulder Campus staff completing 20, 25, 30, 35, and 40 years of service and staff who had retired having completed 20 or more years of service during the previous calendar year. This event also invites the supervisors of Staff Council member’s as a thank you recognition. Campus administrators are invited to this event. The chair(s) of the committee serves on the Staff Council Executive Board. Staff Recognition: To expand campus awareness of individual or group staff achievements through various means of publications or Staff Council events.


The Communication Committee is responsible for the promotion of SC and general promotion for employee benefit and appreciation events. The committee will continue to research available campus communication options for the purpose of determining the most effective methods to relay staff council information, events, special notices. A regular committee of 6 or more members are needed to effectively provide expectations.


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