By - Laws


The name of the organization shall be University of Colorado at Boulder (UCB) Staff Council, hereinafter referred to as Staff Council, to be located at the University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado. Staff Council is affiliated with but operationally separate from the University of Colorado Staff Council.


A. Purpose

The purpose of Staff Council shall be to represent staff employees by serving as a liaison between staff employees, UCB administration and the Boulder campus by recommending to the UCB administration proposals designed to improve the status and protect the rights of staff employees and by fostering community engagement and enhancing employee morale.

“Staff employees” is defined as all University of Colorado at Boulder employees who are designated as classified or professional exempt by the State of Colorado.

B. Authority and Finances

Staff Council was ordered and established by the President of the University and approved by the Board of Regents of the University of Colorado in June, 1972.The University of Colorado at Boulder shall provide the funding of Staff Council.


A. Membership

Staff Council shall be comprised of elected and appointed representatives from among staff employees. Any regular staff employee, further known as "staff", shall be eligible through designated election procedures to be a Staff Council representative.

B. Representatives

1. Geographic Representatives are elected by staff employees from designated geographic areas, as designated in the election code. Each area shall elect three geographic representatives to staggered terms of three years each. Terms shall commence on the first day of July.

2. Elected-At-Large Representatives are elected by staff employees. Three elected-at-large representatives shall be elected to staggered terms of three years each. Terms shall commence on the first day of July.

3. Appointed-At-Large Representatives are appointed by Staff Council. There shall be five appointed-at-large representatives. These at-large representatives will be appointed for one year terms which shall commence on the first day of July.

4. Honorary Lifetime Representatives are non-voting representatives elected by Staff Council in recognition of outstanding service to Staff Council. The number of honorary lifetime representatives shall vary.

C. Delegates

1. Appointed Delegates

a. Appointed Delegates shall be designated as needed by the chair with the approval of the Executive Board for terms designated by the requesting organization. In the event no Staff Council representative seeks the appointment, any individual from among the staff employees may be appointed.

I. The delegate to Boulder Faculty Assembly shall be appointed to a term consistent with its bylaws.

II. The delegate to the Silver Gold Record editorial board shall be appointed to a term consistent with its bylaws.

III. Delegates to other bodies shall be appointed as necessary.

IV. Appointed delegates shall report to Staff Council periodically regarding the activities of the organization.

2. Elected Delegates

a. Elected Delegates are elected by Staff Council representatives. Three elected delegates shall be elected to staggered terms of three years each beginning on the first day of July for both the University of Colorado Staff Council (UCSC) and Statewide Liaison Council (SLC), according to the procedures set forth in the Elections Code.

b. Delegates and alternates may serve successive terms.

c. General Duties of Elected Delegate.

I. Meet with the other delegates to UCSC or SLC by the first day of July to choose one delegate to serve on the Staff Council Executive Board and/or to be a voting delegate to the organization.

II. Attend and participate in all meetings, activities, and committees in accordance with the bylaws of the organization to which a delegate is elected.

III. Report to Staff Council on the activities of the organization and alert Staff Council to issues of importance to staff employees.

IV. Represent the positions of Staff Council and staff employees to the organization to which a delegate is elected. A voting representative shall vote to represent such positions.

V. Meet as necessary with other Staff Council UCSC or SLC delegates to discuss issues and positions.

3. Miscellaneous

a. The alternate shall assume the duties and rank of any delegate who is temporarily unable to fulfill those duties. The Staff Council chair shall be the alternate to UCSC. The non-voting delegates to SLC shall be the alternates.

b. A vacancy in an elected delegate position shall be filled according to procedure set forth in the Elections Code.

c. The procedure for removal of a delegate shall be consistent with the procedure for removal of an officer set forth in the bylaws.


A. Elected officers of Staff Council shall be the chair, vice-chair, secretary, and treasurer. These officers shall perform the duties prescribed by these bylaws and the parliamentary authority adopted by Staff Council

B. The parliamentarian shall be appointed by the chair from the Staff Council membership and retain full voting rights and privileges of a Staff Council representative.

C. Staff Council officers shall receive sufficient relief from their regular university positions to adequately fulfill their responsibilities to the Staff Council. Such relief is to be arranged through the office of the chancellor.

D. Responsibilities of Officers

1. Chair

a. Preside at all Staff Council and Executive Board meetings.

b. Prepare an agenda for regular and special Staff Council meetings in cooperation with the Executive Board.

c. Appoint delegates with the advice and approval of the Executive Board.

d. Represent Staff Council for specific requests or designate another Staff Council representative to perform this function.

e. Delegate authority and/or responsibilities to Staff Council representatives as appropriate in order to best serve all staff employees.

f. Request for the officers and the full council a meeting with the Chancellor at least once a year.

g. With the approval of the Executive Board, make recommendations to the Department of Human Resources for the hiring and supervision of the Staff Council Administrator.

h. With the treasurer, review and initial the budget summaries prepared by the administrator at the beginning and end of his/her term of office.

i. Retain ex-officio membership on all Staff Council committees.

2. Vice-Chair

a. At the beginning of the Council term and throughout the year as needed, organize and chair all Staff Council orientation meetings for new representatives.

b. In cooperation with the Executive Board, arrange for guest speakers.

c. With the support of the full Council, schedule and coordinate the annual awards reception.

3. Secretary

a. Review and ensure distribution of Staff Council minutes and Executive Board reports.

b. Draft correspondence or documents as requested by Staff Council.

c. Call roll as the first item on the agenda.

d. Keep and monitor attendance records to be in compliance with the bylaws.

e. When and where required, conduct and tabulate voting.

f. By gathering information and compiling data, work with the Staff Council Administrator to keep current the Staff Council web site.

3. Treasurer

a. In cooperation with the Executive Board, prepare budget for Staff Council activities and commitments.

b. Submit annual budget and monthly financial reports to the Executive Board for approval.

c. Provide monthly financial reports to Staff Council representatives.

d. Prior to August 31 provide a financial report for the prior fiscal year and the current fiscal year, to be signed off by the current chair and treasurer and also the incoming chair and treasurer.

5. Parliamentarian

a. Rule upon procedures according to parliamentary authority.

b. Monitor speaking time limits when requested.

E. Removal from office

1. An officer may be removed from an elected office when all of the following conditions have been satisfied:

a. A written proposal for removal of an officer has been signed and presented to the office of Staff Council.

b. The elections committee has sent a written notice detailing the proposal to all representatives no later than one week prior to the next regularly scheduled meeting of Staff Council, at which the proposal was be initially discussed. If the chair is the officer in question, the vice chair shall have presided during the discussion.

c. The proposal was again discussed at the following regular meeting of Staff Council and a vote by secret ballot was conducted under the supervision of the elections committee. The proposal shall have passed if it received a 2/3 vote of all eligible voters.

2. Staff Council and the officer in question shall be notified in writing of the outcome of the vote.


A. Regular meetings of Staff Council shall be held once a month.

B. A special meeting may be called by the written request of three Staff Council representatives or by request of the Executive Board.

C. A quorum of Staff Council shall consist of one-half of the current voting representatives.

D. Regular meetings of Staff Council shall be open.

E. The chair shall establish time limits for speakers as required.


A. The Executive Board shall be composed of Staff Council officers, committee chairs, the Staff Council delegate to the University of Colorado Staff Council, the Staff Council voting delegate to Statewide Liaison Council and the immediate past chair of Staff Council.

B. With approval of five current members, the Executive Board shall have the authority to act on behalf of Staff Council in emergency or time-sensitive situations.

C. As directed by Staff Council, the Executive Board shall recommend changes in policy and procedure to UCB administration.

D. The Executive Board shall meet at least monthly prior to regular Staff Council meetings. A special meeting may be called with two days' notice by the chair or any two members of the Executive Board.

E. The Executive Board shall hear reports from committees, discuss and make recommendations for Staff Council consideration and action, and prepare an agenda for regular and special Staff Council meetings.

F. The Executive Board shall distribute written report of all meetings to Staff Council representatives at least one week prior to the regular Staff Council meetings.


A. Staff Council representatives are required to serve on at least one committee for a term of one year.

B. Membership on committees shall be open to all interested staff employees.

C. Two people constitute a quorum for each committee.

D. Committee chairs are elected from the Staff Council membership by the individual committee members, to serve renewable one year terms.

E. Committee chairs (in consultation with committee members) shall be responsible for working within the budget designated annually for their respective committees.

F. Each committee shall be authorized by Staff Council to do what is necessary to accomplish committee goals but shall be constrained from committee action needing Staff Council approval.

G. Each committee shall maintain a record of its activities (meetings, letters, surveys, telephone calls, etc.). Such records shall be open to all staff employees. Upon a committee's dissolution after termination of its responsibilities, its records shall be given to the administrator for use as resource material.

H. Each committee shall update the committee description and guideline packets maintained by the administrator.

I. Committee disputes will be referred to the Executive Board.

J. Standing committees shall be ongoing and shall not be dissolved.

K. The elections committee shall conduct elections according to an elections code developed by the committee and approved annually by the Council.

L. Special committees may be appointed when deemed necessary by the Staff Council membership



Robert's Rules of Order, latest revision, shall govern the proceedings of this organization in all cases to which they are applicable, and in which they are not inconsistent with the bylaws.


An amendment to the bylaws can be proposed in writing by any Staff Council representative. A written copy of the proposed amendment shall be signed and delivered to the Staff Council office. A copy of the proposed amendment shall then be delivered to each Staff Council representative at least one week prior to a regular meeting. After discussion, the proposed amendment will be discussed and edits incorporated. The amendment will be presented for a vote at the next regular meeting. The amendment shall be adopted if it receives a 2/3 vote of those eligible to vote. Voting by proxy shall not be allowed.


A. Hiring Process 1. The Executive Board will provide Human Resources with input regarding the hiring of the Staff Council administrator.

B. Duties 1. The administrator shall be a staff employee responsible for the duties in the job description for the position. 2. The administrator may be assigned other duties by Staff Council to assist in achieving Staff Council goals.

C. Evaluations and performance planning for the administrator shall be conducted by the supervisor with input from the chair.