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Are you looking to get involved on campus and foster campus pride?

Join Senior Class Council!


Senior Class Council (SCC) is recruiting all for the 2015-2016 school year. Positions are available for any undergraduate students.

Please send a resume and cover letter describing your leadership strengths and positions* you may be interested in to


Time Commitment: Time commitments listed below do include a weekly committee meeting as well as the required 2-hours worth of office hours each member must hold.  While time commitments do shift throughout the semester, the numbers below are based on average weekly time commitment throughout the year.


The President of Senior Class Council acts as the official spokesperson and representative for the Council.  Overseeing all aspects of Senior Class Council operations, the President works to provide guidance and a vision for the collective group.  Specific duties and requirements include:

  • Develop an agenda for and lead all weekly SCC meetings
  • Oversee all council operations (membership, public relations, finance)
  • Meet with the SCC advisor on a regular basis
  • Act as a representative of the Council at the University of Colorado Commencement meetings
  • Attend student leader gatherings
  • Average weekly time commitment: 5 hours

Vice President of Finance

The Vice President of Finance deals with all financial components of the Council and effectively oversees all financial aspects.  Specific duties and requirements include:

  • Develop and oversee a budget for the Council
  • Responsible for maintaining an account through SOFO (Student Organization Funding Office)
  • Apply for grants and funding, such as through the Student Group Funding Board, leading to more events
  • Lead the Finance team which includes the Fundraising and Gift Chairperson
  • Average weekly time commitment: 4 hours

Vice President of Public Relations

The Vice President of Public Relations works to promote Senior Class Council and any SCC events in a positive way.  Specific aspects of this position include:

  • Oversee marketing efforts
  • Oversee Senior Class Council website
  • Organize the monthly newsletter that’s sent to the senior class
  • Develop a public relations plan to promote the Council
  • Lead the Public Relations team which includes the Marketing Coordinator, Video Chairperson, and Social Media/ Website Chairperson
  • Average weekly time commitment: 5 hours 

Vice President of Membership

The Vice President of Membership creates meaningful and creative ways to promote collaboration and development for Council members.  Specific aspects of this position include:

  • Work with the President to plan a retreat for the Council
  • Plan educational meetings for Council members, such as visits from Career Services
  • Remind members of meetings and hold members accountable for attendance
  • Create a recruitment plan for next year’s council and work with the Marketing Coordinator to promote SCC recruitment
  • Oversee the Senior Class Council email account
  • Average weekly time commitment: 3-6 hours 

Commencement Chairs

  • Lead council to create a list of potential commencement speakers for Spring commencemen
  • Gauge students wants from a speaker
  • Work with the Office of the Chancellor and the SCC President, secure a speaker for Spring commencement
  • Average weekly time commitment: 3-6 hours 

Marketing Coordinator

  • Working with the VPPR, develop and execute a marketing plan
  • Establish a brand for Senior Class Council
  • Arrange ways in which to promote SCC, including student involvement fairs
  • Design posters for events
  • Discuss the demographics of our events: how to reach a bigger audience
  • Average weekly time commitment: 4-6 hours

Video Chairperson(s)

  • Gathering footage throughout the year, the video chairperson creates a video commemorating the senior class that will be shown at May commencement
  • Footage will be obtained from all facets of student life to create a full representation of the student body
  • Average weekly time commitment: 3-5 hours 

Website/Social Media Chairperson

  • Manage the Twitter, Facebook, Instagram accounts to advertise Senior Class Council and its events
  • Create/build a following through each social media platform
  • Average weekly time commitment: 4 hours 

Fundrasing and Gift Chairperson

  • Work with the CU Foundation, and Marketing to develop a campaign for the senior gift
  • Work with the VPF to develop strategies in which to fundraise for senior gift
  • Average weekly time commitment: 3-4 hours 

Events Chairs

  • Develop and plan social and meaningful events for seniors throughout the year
  • Work with Marketing Coordinator and Social Media Chairperson to publicize events
  • Possible events include brewery tours, senior specials/deals, Senior Week, (countdown series) etc.
  • Average weekly time commitment: 3-4 hours