Clicker & Peer Instruction Workshop Materials

This page contains materials, such as worksheets and activities, developed for our workshops on clickers and peer instruction. You can also see our list of specific past clicker workshops. These workshops are geared to help instructors:

  • Articulate why you would use clickers and Peer Instruction
  • Write more effective questions & critically appraise the value of different types of questions
  • Effectively facilitate student discussion and reasoning about the questions

Specifications for all workshops, except as noted otherwise:

  • Time: 2-3 hours.
  • Audience: Mixed discipline faculty. (Single discipline can be more successful)
  • Materials: Digital projector, printed handouts, audio speakers (preferred), set of clickers (any brand) or ABC voting cards (see below), whiteboard or large post-its and markers for group reporting.
  • Format: Audience arranged by discipline, and in small groups or a circle, is preferred.

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Creative Commons LicenseThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. If you use these materials, please give credit to the Science Education Initatiave of the University of Colorado.

Workshop Material Packages

These materials are particularly geared to facilitators. Faculty seeking materials may want to visit the materials for individual workshops.

Item Materials Description
All Materials zip of all materials. Includes slides, activities, handouts, organized by topic and by type of material.
Topics include (1) Introduction / About Questioning (2) About Peer Instruction (3) Research, (4) Challenges and Facilitation, and (5) Question Writing, as well as a set of example questions for use in workshops.
This download includes all materials below.
All Activities and handouts zip file of all Activities + Handouts

Includes the following (not every activity used in every workshop):

  1. Warm Ups. Participants discuss the benefits of using questioning in the class
  2. Practice Questions. Peer Instruction questions that are useful as practice questions for multidisciplinary audiences.
  3. Browsing Questions. A set of activities allowing participants to explore the breadth of questions useable in Peer Instruction.
  4. Pedagogical Philosophies. Participants brainstorm what beliefs an instructor and students must hold for Peer Instruction to work well
  5. Facilitation. Participants discuss clicker questions about different reactions after the results of the first vote are in, and practice facilitating a question themselves.
  6. Challenges. A set of activities where participants consider what challenges they might face in facilitating Peer Instruction, and how to overcome them.
  7. Writing Questions. A set of activities where participants get a chance to write questions for use with Peer Instruction, consider various aspects of those questions, and get feedback.
  8. Wrap Up. Participants write an Action Plan for using ideas from the workshop.
  9. Plus many example questions, a printable clicker "flash" card, and more
Materials by topic See files to the right.

Just looking for workshop materials on teaching a particular topic in Peer Instruction? Here are the materials organized by topic. Includes slides, activities, and handouts. Zip files.

  1. Introduction: About Questioning
  2. About Peer Instruction
  3. Research
  4. Facilitation and Challenges
  5. Question Writing
Popular handouts:  
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Workshop Videos

These represent versions of our workshops on Effective Facilitation and Question Writing, from 2012. Also available on iTunes U. Relevant handouts are below in the "workshops packages" section. Press the icon in the lower right to make full-screen.

Writing Great Clicker Questions:

Different goals for questions, types of questions, tips and tricks, and revising a question to make it more challenging.


Effective Facilitation of Clickers:

Getting students to buy-in, to talk to each other, and to focus on reasoning instead of the right answer.



Materials for individual workshops

These materials represent pre-prepared workshops, if you would like to see examples of a full workshop. You can also check out our list of specific past clicker workshops, where you will find abstracts for the below workshops.

Workshop Materials What is included

Effective facilitation of peer instruction


All materials (ZIP) A video of a version of this workshop is available above and on iTunes U
Writing clicker question All materials (ZIP)

A video of a version of this workshop is available above and on iTunes U

Combination: Writing questions + Effective Facilitation

All materials (ZIP)

[Does not include sample questions; linked to right]

This workshop is a compressed combination of the previous two workshops, to meet popular demand to provide more content in a shorter time. It is difficult to provide this level of material in two hours or less without minimizing the participatory aspects of the workshops.

  • Outline (DOC and PDF)
  • Slides (PPT and PDF)
  • Worksheets (PPT and PDF)
  • Other handouts: Tips for Successful Clicker Use / K12 Teacher Tips /   ABC Card /  Instructors' Guide
  • Videos: Videos available for screening are at We typically show "Teachings and Students Speak" to novice audiences who aren't sure yet if they want to use clickers, and "Anatomy of a Clicker Question" to those who are already bought-in.
  • Sample clicker questions for use in Gallery Walk. Complete archive of various questions for multiple disciplines (PPT and PDF); multiple discipline questions organized by "themes" that the participants try to discover (PPT), and physics questions organized by "themes" (PPTX)
  • Zip package (ZIP) [Does not include sample questions]
Teaching Faculty about Effective clicker use

Slides (PPT and PDF)

Handouts (ZIP)

This workshop outlines our techniques and approaches to teaching faculty about the use of clickers. Thus, this is a good overview of our approaches.

Clicker Choreography Slides and handouts (ZIP)

(by Cynthia Heiner and Peter Newbury, CWSEI): Slides from an optional second workshop on writing clicker questions are included below.

  • Outline (PDF)
  • Clicker Choreography Slides (PPT and PDF)
  • Creating Good Clicker Questions in Physics and Astronomy (PPT and PDF)
  • Example Questions (PPT and PDF)
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