Physics 3340/4430, Advanced Lab, covers aspects of experimental optics (Gaussian beams, polarization, diffraction, Fourier optics, interferometry) and modern physics (scanning tunneling microscopy, NMR, Doppler-free spectroscopy). The course places a significant emphasis on developing, testing, and refining of models; experimental design; communication; measurement and automation (using LabVIEW); and data analysis (using Mathematica).

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About the Transformation:

We transformed senior-level Advanced Lab using:

  • Faculty-directed Explicit Learning Goals
  • Lecture activities in LabVIEW and Mathematica
  • YouTube screencasts for common physics-related tasks in Mathematica (like importing data)
  • Transformed a series of lab guides
  • Reorganized, renovated, repainted, and modernized experimental lab space

Course effectiveness was investigated through the following assessments:

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