Ecology and Evolutionary Biology


The Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EBIO) at the University of Colorado Boulder has undertaken the process of sustained transformation in three arenas of undergraduate biology education.

  1. course design and execution (see Course Resources)
  2. assessments of teaching and learning
  3. faculty professional development.

To facilitate all these processes, we are working at the departmental level to generate a set of learning goals for EBIO majors.

In our professional development work, we have developed a teaching observation tool called SITAR (Student Interactivity and Teaching Activity Report). It includes measures of student engagement and interactivity, as well as common ways of describing what is happening in the classroom and providing qualitative feedback. It is intended for formative use, by a single rater, over multiple class sessions.

You can also find information about our work at our poster, "Student-Centered Active Learning Curriculum in Evolutionary Biology," Seiter, S.; Wise, S. B.; Kane, N.C.; Martin, A, presented at Evolution conference (2014).