CU-Boulder Scholarship Application for Continuing Undergraduates

The 2014-15 CU-Boulder Scholarship application will be available from November 1 to March 1, 2014 11:59 p.m. MT (February 15, 2014 for Norlin Scholarship and Presidents Leadership Class - PLC) through MyCUInfo. The application requires completing a resume and essay. Additionally, some of the scholarships may require writing a special essay, submitting recommendation letters, or documenting eligibility. Any scholarship that has financial need as criteria for eligibility also requires a completed FAFSA. The application requirements for each scholarship are available in MyCUInfo.

Additional information on the CU-Boulder scholarship application:

Follow these steps to ensure full consideration for scholarships available through myCUinfo:

Students selected for a scholarship available through the MyCU application will be notified by mail in late May.

Students who completed the CU-Boulder applications but are not selected to receive a scholarship can expect e-mail notification by late June (sent to official university e-mail address).