Program Policies

Attendance is mandatory. Our classes are run as discussion-centered workshops, and we need everyone's active participation. We make no distinction between “excused” or “unexcused” absences. Students are allowed three (3) absences per course. After three, the grade will be affected. Students with more than six (6) absences will fail the course. In the event of a major life crisis, we will need documentation to excuse extended absences.

Paper Presentation Standards. All formal papers must conform to these guidelines:

  • All papers must be typed and double spaced
  • Use a standard text font (i.e. Times, Times New Roman, New Century, or Palatino)
  • Font must be no larger than 12 points
  • Use one-inch margins
  • Papers written in bold, outline, or shadow will not be accepted
  • Number pages, except the first
  • Papers must have a distinct title
  • Use MLA citation format
  • Please avoid plastic covers or heavy binders when handing in portfolios

Academic Honesty 

Learning to write successfully in college necessitates grappling with standards of fair use. Our courses teach students to follow the conventions for citing sources and using others’ ideas and to recognize that those conventions change according to the rhetorical situation. We will work with you to avoid unintentional plagiarism, and, if we suspect intentional plagiarism or cheating, we will refer the case to CU’s Honor Code Board. We will follow their recommendations for appropriate sanction in such cases.

Useful Link for Citation Formats: