Getting Help

Instructor Office Hours

Name Office Days & Times
Lisa Bates FLMG 144

M 12:30-2:00 + W 10:00-11:00

Dan West

FLMG 189-A

W     11:00 - 12:00
Shane Oshetski FLMG 163

M 12:00-3:00

Angela Buchanan FLMG 144

W 2:00-4:00 + F 2:00-3:00

Cat Altman FLMG 191

F 2:00-3:00

Lee Tredwell


TR 12:15-3:15

Julia Willis FLMG 165

W 12:00-1:00


PWR Writing Center

All SASC students are eligible to use CU's Writing Center, located in Norlin library.

Essential Online Tools

Instructional Support

Each class is taught by an instructor and one or two undergraduate instructor assistants (IAs). IAs are former students who have taken our courses and are trained extensively to work with peers in the classroom. All staff members regularly participate in staff development, which emphasizes the teaching of writing in culturally diverse contexts. Students therefore have a team of people with expertise in writing to assist them both in and outside of class.