[1] Have you ever felt like you were (a) stuck in a middle position or (b) drifting about in state of in-between? Thereís a name for people like us. Right in the dictionary. They call us mean. Means are often misunderstood because we are without [2] a way of effecting or conveying something. But we are regarded as the (a) bearers of force and effect. Why? Because we occupy (b) the empty spaces, surrounding, enveloping with a substance others seek. And yet, the truth of the matter is, we are often made of (c) fragile stuff (gas and dust) in space that exists beyond the stars (interstellar medium).

And so, in this issue, many means have banded together in a re-imagination of a system of communication, information, and entertainment and a publication or broadcast that still doesnít carry advertising. We support every meanís [3] mode of communication or artistic expression, serving as (a) a go-between, intermediary in the hopes of finding individuals that channel communication between the earthly world and a world of spirits/muses/sparkly subversion. We serve as (b) a material or technical means of artistic expression in order to provide (c) a condition or environment in which something or someone may function or flourish.