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Stephen Lewis

            Stephen Lewis

   Stephen Lewis is currently 20 and in his junior year as a math major at CU Boulder. He obsesses over patterns, especially laws that govern the universe and the way people clash and love, build and destroy.

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On Bears in Love

Lulu stands with one knee bent leaning against her car. 

Lulu has wings tatooed on her back and a

black and red and blue cross in the middle. 

Lulu found God

while frolicking thru drive-thrus and

cartons of Newports

until she fell asleep in her car on

smiley faced bags

and boxes with used napkins shoved inside

and old, still wet, panties. 

Lulu has a man.  He stands next to Lulu and strokes the

cheese, beef, fry oil, frozen fishstick

on her waist.  He calls

it babyfat, or lovehandle, or anything

to justify the

cock pulsating

on his zipper. 

Lulu spent the winter he wouldn't talk to her

in her room drinking berry soda,

eating pizza and laying

in bed with her

eyes shut. 

Lulu is happiest

when they are two

bears in a

bear circus riding

bear unicycles on

bear tranquilizers performing

bear fellatio and

bear cunnilingus on

each other. 

Lulu sleeps now,

alone.  Lulu grips her

stomach between her

elbows and kneesand

she's cold, and she gets

colder still.  She waits for a

bear janitor to sweep her up.