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Aaron Rodriguez

          Aaron Rodriguez;

      I attended CU Boulder for two years and finally graduated from CU Denver in summer of '09 with a degree in English with a film option. I'm a poet and would rather you didn't know it. I find wisdom in movies like "American Pimp," "The Last Dragon," "Die Hard 3," "American Tale" and Jim Henson's "Labyrinth." I'd rather be rich than famous and I don't hold hands with girls unless I'm walking old women across the street. I love my haters and invite more of them to hate hate hate on me. Eventually I'd like to change the thinking of mankind, but if not make purple soda available in all Taco Bells in the united states. This is the way God made me so don't be too hard on my parents when you catch me actin' bad.

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as I take a look at my life and delve into the past
magnified eye under looking class

it seems the one thing getting at me is
the looking glass, looking at me watch the hour glass

lookin at the clock it just wasn't timed right
how could this happen?
it didn't go down right.
events torment your mind that will keep you up the whole night
take your body to church,
you wanna get your soul right

after laughter comes tears
you wanna get your frown right
try and get it out in raps but just don't seem to sound right

there's no way to end it on the good,
it doesn't settle in your mind right

wanna go back to the future call it Michael J Foxin
wish I would have listened, born stubborn, year of the oxen


it's down right
to be stressing
over all these crazy things
we go through with these ill ass human beings
obscene scenes that we've seen
somewhere in between our nightmares & somewhere in between our dreams

ask Jupiter we go in rings trying hard to be stars
Mars want them on our pinky while Venus desires it for the index
my lady has an ear for literature
but a kitty for that pimp text

perverse universe full of perverts & flirts
some players down for the gown while others up for the short skirt

In paths so many skeetz, so many skertz

I made it back to earth, spaceship on E

had to calculate my burst

when I made back
it was a different century
some kid had dibs on my future
baby mamma

I guess this thing called time eventually got the best of me

I asked if he knew who the fuck I was
he said she hadn't mentioned me

I know I left it on the stove but how the fuck he get the recipe...Damn!


forgot the theme & context
don't know what I'm getting at,

time & time again life's reduced into a gamble

I just spit it as vivid as I've lived it and leave you to deduce the ramble

abortion to a Csect
the baby's held close
mommies little reject
the child grew up thankful
not to be chalked up
another one of mommies regrets

and that's life