ELL Staff


Glasscock, Jim, ELL Tutor
In my time as ELL Writing Consultant I have worked with students from over sixty different countries, and learned a lot about language in the process. My own studies have included multicultural education, classical antiquities, languages and history. I grew up in Colorado, though I have done some traveling.

West, Dan, ELL Coord., McNeill Academic Co ordinator
I am SASC’s ELL Coordinator, and I have been working with non-native English speakers at the University for 18 years. Although I was born and raised in the hectic urban area of Alexandria, Virginia, I was never much of a city-boy. So, 28 years ago I took off to travel across the country and looked for a more laid-back area of the U.S.A. When I came to Colorado, I knew I had found place. While here I attended CU and received degrees in music history, education and English literature. I sometimes wonder if I will ever leave the CU campus.