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photo of Adrian and his teammates

Leeds Diverse Scholars sweep diversity and business ethics competition

Adrian Parker (upper left): I am a full time Sophomore at the Leeds School of Business studying Business Administration with an Emphasis in Operational and Leadership Management. I also plan in pursuing two certificates in Socially Responsible Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Studies. I am a Colorado native and have 7 brothers and sisters. I currently hold three jobs that I love. The first is a nanny position; I take care of two girls ages 6 and 7, I am the Undergraduate Representative for Design Thinking, and I am a Learning Assistant for an Online Literature course called Food and Culture. I am involved in four academic program; Diverse Scholars Program, First-Generation Scholars Program, TRiO/Academic Excellence Program, and the Leeds Residential Academic Program. I enjoy fishing, meeting new people and exploring the many culture around the world. I plan on hopefully going to Semster at Sea the Spring Semester my Junior year so that I can see the world I live in. 

My name is Myles Wallingford and I come to Boulder from Castle Rock, Colorado. I am a Media Studies major with an additional field of study in Political Science. In addition, I am currently working to obtain a Certificate in International Media. I am a senior by year but a junior by credit. My extended graduation date is due to a decision to take off the Fall 2012 semester of school and travel throughout Southeast Asia with a backpack. A summer’s worth of restaurant work afforded me a plane ticket, a cheap motorcycle, and four months of living expenses. I can advocate for nothing more than to experience another culture; the power of travel is unparalleled in any lecture hall. This summer I completed a marketing and media internship in Bucerias, Mexico working for a Harvard born, non-profit organization that specialized in combining the tourism industry with microfinance institutions. I am currently a marketing committee member and student editor for the business committee at the annual Conference on World Affairs that takes place on the CU campus every year. 

My name is Lima Esslam. I am first year senior studying Women Studies. I was born in Kabul, Afghanistan. I am a first generation student. I am part of the McNeill Program here in SASC. I also volunteer at the Women's Resource Center on campus. My future goal is to visit back in Afghanistan and provide resources and materials needed for the education of the youth, mainly young  girls, and to improve their lives along with their families.