McNeill Program Scholarships

The McNeill Academic Program awards a modest number of scholarships each academic year. These scholarships consist of one time book awards, one time summer school awards, and LEAD scholarships which are renewable for a maximum eight semesters. Each scholarship carries a specific "hard" deadline, thus applications received even minutes after the deadline will not be considered.

The following links will connect you to each application:

  1. McNeill Book Scholarship - not available at this time
  2. LEAD Participation Scholarship

Best of luck to you as you proceed with your scholarship applications. Please keep the following in mind as you complete your applications.....

Successful scholarship applicants are actively and demonstratively engaged in the McNeill Academic Program, and must be able to articulate this in their application. Please note that paid employment within any component of the program, McNeill or SASC, as an IA, tutor or SA, does not satisfy this criteria. McNeill or SASC program staff will be asked to verify good standing with respect to both minimum program requirements, and involvement above or beyond the minimum.

McNeill scholarships are competitive. In addition to being an engaged student, successful applicants carefully follow all written direction included in the scholarship application. We recommend applicants consult their McNeill coordinator with any related questions and/or for application feedback prior to submission, and well in advance of application deadlines.

Successful applicants ( for these or any scholarship(s)) understand that application quality matters. Unless scholarship criteria invite creative, non-standard or informal language usage, assume that you are expected to use formal English language conventions as you would for an exam or paper submitted in class for a grade.

Thoughtful, well reasoned and thorough responses to application questions matter. Keep in mind that you are asking the McNeill Academic Program to invest scarce resources in you rather than some one of your classmates—why should we? Even if you are well known and loved by one and all, we will evaluate your application on the basis of your written responses. We will not guess or infer meaning. You must instead tell us what you wish us to know or consider to a level of detail that makes sense. If you are in doubt , consult your coordinator, the writing help lab, or other appropriate resources.