Student Requirements

The McNeill Program is committed to creating a place of belonging and connection among students, staff and faculty. We engage and support students to help them realize their full academic and personal potential while valuing the differences that make each of them unique. Our purpose is to inspire students to meet the challenges of education, to graduate with university degrees, and to become active contributors to their communities.

As a member of the McNeill Academic Program you will have access to supportive staff who are dedicated to your academic and personal success; peer mentors; a small class room experience; individual and small group tutoring; a computer lab with printing; academic and professional skill building seminars; leadership opportunities; community building events; job opportunities and scholarship opportunities.

Please read the corresponding McNeill Academic Program Participation Agreement below. Your signature affirms your commitment to actively engage in the program and to join us in partnership in the realization of your academic goals.

First-Year Students

Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors