Power Hours

McNeill Power Hours are McNeill's academic and professional development workshops. Power Hours build community and encourage networking between students, faculty, staff and professionals from the Denver/Boulder area.

Power Hour Schedule

  • Freshmen - Oct. 10 AND Nov. 14, 3PM - 4:30PM in Fleming
  • Sophomores - Oct. 1 AND Nov. 14, see flier or link for details
  • Jr's & Sr's - Oct. 14 AND Nov. 14, see flier or link for details



How to Make up Missed Power Hours

Keep in mind that Power Hours are designed to boost your academic and career preparedness skills. If you missed the McNeill Kick-off, Academic Intensive or a Power Hour, below are guidelines for make-up opportunities.  Be sure to communicate with your Academic Coordinator regarding your plans for Power Hour make-ups.

Choose a session that will be beneficial to you and address your needs.
For the following alternatives you will need to write and send your academic coordinator the following in an email.  Your submission can be brief.
a) Title of event
b) Sponsoring Organization or Department
c) What did you learn?
d) How will you use this information to advance your academic and/or career 
e) Would you recommend the session to another student? Why or Why not?
2. Attend a Career Services, Study Abroad event or an academic event in your declared major department.
3. Attend any campus event that address academic, professional and personal growth.
4.  Visit professor office hours to discuss  at least 1 of the following: 
opportunities in the discipline, research opportunities, concerns or issues, improving your performance, why they chose their field of study, why they chose to teach.
5.  Schedule an additional appointment with your McNeill Academic Coordinator and attend 1 McNeill Student Advisory Board community event, like the Halloween Party.
6. For other suggested Make-Up events, go to: Power Hours Suggested Make-up Calendar