Co-curricular seminars (co-sems) are 1-credit graded elective courses that are taken in conjunction with pre-requisite course work for challenging majors in the sciences, business and engineering . McNeill co-seminars are required co-requisites for McNeill students; they are open to other UCB students if space is available.

McNeill Co-Seminars are not tutorials in the sense that they are not organized as ad-hoc help sessions, or homework help sessions. Co-seminars provide supplemental instruction, parallel to semester long courses, intended to support mastery of course content, appropriate learning and problem solving strategies as well as academically oriented community development—community collaborative learning. In other words, co-seminars help students discipline their learning in an ongoing see-do-teach process.

Co-sems feature instructors who are student and learning centered, as well as being content experts in their fields. These individuals might be graduate students or recent graduates who genuinely like teaching and facilitating student academic success.

Students who enroll in McNeill co-seminars value the opportunity to work together with small groupings of students grappling to engage and master course material from various disciplinary frameworks including those disciplines ways of knowing, rules of knowing, and varied applications of knowledge.