About McNeill

We are a multicultural learning community that supports students' academic, personal and professional development through our collaborative approaches to student learning, our faculty, staff and peer mentoring, and our skill building workshops.
Success at a large research institution requires new habits of learning, strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and a supportive academic and social network.  
In the McNeill program, we:  
  • Provide a stimulating and challenging academic experience 
  • Strengthen problem-solving and critical-thinking skills 
  • Familiarize students with CU Boulder’s academic culture 
  • Connect students to faculty and campus resources 
  • Foster a sense of community and connectedness to the university

Mission & Vision

The McNeill Program is committed to creating a place of belonging and connection among students, staff and faculty. We engage and support students to help them realize their full academic and personal potential while valuing the differences which make each of them unique. 
Our purpose is to inspire students to meet the challenges of education, to graduate with university degrees, and to become active contributors to their communities.

Director's Corner


Sophie Low Loretta Wahl
We are pleased to introduce you to the McNeill Academic Program. McNeill is a multicultural learning community in the Student Academic Success Center (SASC). We offer a dynamic program that supports student’s transition to academic, cultural and social demands of the university. Academic excellence is encouraged and expected from all students. We have long and rich history in developing top scholars and campus leaders. McNeill is a member of the CU-LEAD Alliance. Leadership, excellence, achievement, diversity and community are the backbone of our program strength.