Practice Math Placement Exam

What this exam is:

  • Topics covered in this exam are topics you need to know well to be prepared for your target math class.
  • Use this exam AFTER you have determined your target math class.
  • Take the exam with the same name as your target math class.
  • Complete the SASC Practice Placement Exam and self-grade your exam using the solutions link.
  • If you do well on the exam (70% or higher), your target math class will probably be your correct math placement.
  • If you cannot complete the Practice Placement Exam, you are NOT prepared for your target math class. You will probably test into a lower math course when you take the ALEKS exam.
  • The topics are similar but not the same as the ALEKS Placement Exam.

What this exam is not:

  • The SASC Math Placement Exam is NOT a tutorial or a practice exam provided by ALEKS. A 70% on the SASC Math Placement Exam doesn't promise you will attain your target score on ALEKS. Use your ALEKS score to verify your college math course to find target scores for ALEKS.
  • The SASC Practice Placement Exam is not a review of material. To get help reviewing material, go to Prepare for Your Math Placement Exam and complete ALL suggested work.