Enrolling in a SASC Math Course

Students cannot enroll in a SASC math course on their own, they MUST contact the department. As controlled enrollment courses, we do not have call numbers.

Follow all of these steps in order:

1. Have you taken a SASC math course before?

  • If no, continue to step 2.
  • If yes, your placement is based on your mastery of the SASC math course you previously took. Continue to Step 4.

2. Take the ALEKS math skills assessment.

  • Expect to spend 3-10 hours studying for the ALEKS assessment, and 2-3 hours to take it. Use the ALEKS Prep and Learning Module to study for the assessment. You may not use calculators or assistance from any resources, including people, during the assessment. We trust all students to abide by the CU Honor Code while taking the ALEKS. Take a screenshot of your score after you are done.
  • Your ALEKS score plays a significant role in determining success in your first college math class.

3. Complete the Math Placement QuestionnaireOn this form you get to tell us about your past math experiences, your math attitudes, and your future career aspirations.

4. Enrollment in a SASC math course

You will be pre-enrolled in a SASC mathematics course based on your ALEKS score and your answers to the Questionnaire, or your outcome in a SASC math course already taken.  Enrollment into a SASC math course is departmentally controlled, you will not be able to enroll on your own.  If you are new to SASC but have not yet completed your ALEKS or Questionnaire, we will not be able to pre-enroll you into a SASC math course.  

5.  Last step for non-SASC students only. 

As a non-SASC student, you will be put on an internal waitlist  until all SASC students have registered for courses through the first week of classes. Because the list is internal, you will not see the course on your official schedule. For this reason, you must sign up for a back-up course in the case that you are unable to get into the SASC math course. You must attend both the SASC math course for which you are waitlisted and the back-up course until you are given official notice that you have been enrolled in the SASC math course. Be sure to put the SASC Math course in your shopping cart so you have all of the important course information.

For further information, see our  SASC Math FAQs.