Math Placement Exams and Enrolling in a SASC Math Course

Incoming First Year Students: Your Mathematical Skills and Placement Checklist

Students cannot enroll in a SASC math course on their own. They MUST contact the department.

1. Take the ALEKS placement exam (this is the mathematical skills assessment listed on your orientation reservation checklist).

All incoming first year students must take the ALEKS online math placement exam BEFORE your assigned orientation session. Your ALEKS score plays a significant role in determining your first college math class. 

Give yourself enough time (2-3 hours) to finish the exam. Take a screenshot of your score after you are done.

2. Complete the Math Placement Questionnaire

3. Email the mathematics coordinator at and schedule a meeting to finalize your placement.

4. Enrollment in a SASC math course

You will be pre-enrolled in a SASC mathematics course based on your ALEKS score and your answers to the questionnaire. Students in business, the sciences, mathematics or planning on engineering will be pre-enrolled for fall. Most other students will be pre-enrolled for spring. You will see your pre-enrollment when you attend the new student orientation. Students with no ALEKS score cannot enroll in a math course.​