Math Placement Exams and Enrolling in a SASC Math Course - Continuing Students

Students cannot enroll in a SASC Math course on their own, they must contact the department. As controlled enrollment courses, we do not have call numbers.

Follow all of these steps in order:

  1. Taken a SASC Math Course Before? If yes, your placement is based on your grade in the SASC Math course you previously took. Contact us at if you are unsure of this placement. If no, continue to step 2.
  1. Placement Conversation. Contact us to set up a time for a Placement Conversation with a math director (this may be in person or over the phone). You'll be asked questions regarding previous math courses taken including grades, location, when math courses were taken, and major/career plans to make an appropriate math placement.
  2. Initial Temporary Registration. After the Placement Conversation, you will be temporarily registered for a course. At this time, you will schedule a time to take the mandatory Placement Exam or the ALEKS exam.
  3. Placement Exam. You will schedule a time to take the placement exam. You should prepare well for the exam. It is one of the main factors determining your next math course. Take it seriously!

Click here for how to Prepare for the Math Placement Exam.

WARNING! You MUST pass the exam or obtain a satisfactory score on the ALEKS exam to stay registered for the course.Your exam results will be discussed with you within a few days of taking the placement exam.

  1. Confirmed Registration. Your final course placement will be based on the Placement Conversation and the results of the Placement Exam. This will be emailed to you.
  2. Last Step for Non-SASC Students Only. As a non-SASC student, you will be put on an internal waitlist until all SASC students have registered for courses through the first week of classes. Because the list is internal, you will not see the course on your official schedule. For this reason, you must sign up for a back-up course in the case that you are unable to get into the SASC math course. You must attend both the SASC math course for which you are waitlisted and the back-up course until you are given official notice that they are in the SASC math course. Be sure to put the SASC Math course in your shopping cart so you have all of the important course information.

Note: Math Placement Exam Preparation takes 3-10 hours. Plan ahead.