First Nations Requirements

Proof of tribal affiliation from a state or federally recognized tribe must be submitted via e-mail to:

Recipients are required to:

  • Attend three (3) designated events/activities each semester, including the Required Retreat.
  • Meet the minimum of one contact each semester with their academic advisor of their primary program or major advisor, regarding mid-term grades and class schedules for the next semester.
  • Meet the minimum of three (3) meetings each semester with the Program Coordinator.
  • Achieve a required 2.00 grade point average (GPA), 12 credit hours a semester (24 in an academic year).
  • Participate in a LEAD Alliance Program, according to major and academic needs.
  • Remain a non-resident for tuition classification purposes.
  • The scholarship will be renewed each semester, provided all First Nation program requirements are fulfilled and you maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) as stipulated by the Office of Financial Aid. The scholarship is renewable for four years (8 semesters). Submit the FAFSA by July 1st of each year and complete verification requirements for the next academic year.