English Language Learners (ELL) Services for Non-Native Speakers of English

The ELL services in SASC exist primarily to support students enrolled in SASC programs and classes. However, some services are available to any University of Colorado ELL student on a limited basis. Although our resources are limited, we are interested in helping any ELL students with academic support if our resources are available.

Writing Courses for Non-Native Speakers of English

ARSC 1080 is a lower level research and writing course that meets the Arts and Sciences core requirement for Written Communications. One writing section in the fall semester of the academic year is specifically for non-native speakers of English. This course is controlled enrollment for SASC program students. CU ELL students not in a SASC program are invited to register if space is available after our program students are accommodated (see the SASC Writing Program web page for instructions on how to enroll). CU ELL students are all eligible to register for The ELL writing class in the university’s Program of Writing and Rhetoric (PWR)

ELL Writing Consultant

SASC has one ELL writing consultant who is available Monday-Friday by appointment only. The service is free. The consultant is first obligated to work with students in the SASC programs but will work with any ELL student if time is available.
The consultant helps with brainstorming and organizing ideas, revising drafts of papers, synthesizing research and other written material and helping students learn to edit grammar, mechanics, and language usage.
Students are allowed to schedule a one-hour appointment. We will only work with writing assignments between 1-20 pages in length. We do not offer consulting for dissertation or thesis projects! If you want to schedule an appointment, contact Jim Glasscock at James.Glasscock@colorado.edu or call Jim at 303-492-1418.
This workshop is open to any CU ELL student. The workshop focuses on vowel and consonant pronunciation as well as some vocabulary issues, such as idioms and homonyms. There is one workshop offered each semester that meets once per week for ten weeks. For more information contact Dan West at Daniel.West@colorado.edu.

General Support

SACS’s ELL coordinator, Dan West, has worked with non-native English speakers for 18 years and understands the difficulties that these students face at the University. He is available to help support students and make referrals for students who have academic or personal needs. Some of these needs have been letters of support for more time to take exams, referrals to counseling and answering questions when the University becomes a confusing place to negotiate. Contact Dan at Daniel.West@colorado.edu or 303-492-1405.

Contact ELL Staff

Glasscock, Jim, ELL Tutor
James.Glasscock@Colorado.EDU, FLMG 144, 303-492-1418
West, Dan, ELL Coord., McNeill Academic Coordinator
Daniel.West@Colorado.EDU, FLMG 189A, 303-492-1405