Summer Ready Program

The Summer Ready Program is a one-week summer project available to those students who meet eligibility criteria and are accepted for the Student Academic Success Center (SASC) Academic Excellence Student Support Services Program (AEP/SSS). This program is funded through the U.S. Department of Education with stipulations that each participant be low income (defined by federal guidelines), first generation (neither parent received a four year college degree), and/or have a disability.

The Summer Ready program is designed to prepare every student participant with five tools that are essential for a successful college experience at CU-Boulder:

  • a sense of belonging
  • a support team/group
  • knowledge of the campus and it's resources
  • targeted advanced academic skills
  • a focus base

The Summer Ready program will be facilitated by a select resource team of University of Colorado-Boulder faculty and staff. These team members will be culturally and academically diverse. Each team member will have demonstrated a strong sense of multicultural awareness and commitment to quality education in addition to unquestionable competence in their field of work.

charlezeniaThe program will utilize various teaching strategies, including visual aids, hands-on projects, auditory presentations, panel discussions/game shows, written assignments, reading requirements and participant presentations. (One-on-one contacts with presenters will be encouraged in and outside of the workshops, and team members will continue to be accessible to the students throughout the academic year.)

Further, review of ethnic retention data suggests that the students are more likely to develop a sense of belonging if they are provided the opportunity to personally link with key departments. Departments that have been identified as such are:

  • Office of the Bursar
  • College of Arts and Sciences
  • Disability Services
  • Career Services
  • Cultural Unity Student Center
  • Office of Academic Advising
  • Office of Financial Aid
  • Norlin Library
  • Wardenburg Health Center

Student exposure to key departments and personnel will happen concurrently and will incorporate skill building. Students will be active participants in workshops that will highlight and mandate the use of critical academic skills such as:

  • notetakingbettythienanvu
  • follow-up/through
  • team learning
  • networking
  • career planning
  • study and prioritizing skills
  • problem solving
  • time management

These areas were identified by currently enrolled CU-Boulder students as areas that

  1. would have made a significant difference in their initial academic performance upon entering college and/or
  2. are skills that would be useful currently in attaining academic success at this university.

It is the intention of the program to nurture the development of these critical first steps in order to set the foundation for academic and social success. These students will be monitored throughout their undergraduate academic career through the Academic Excellence Program.