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Personal Guidance Counseling

AESSS considers each participant to be a multifaceted individual in which one area of his or her lives and/or character affects other. It is essential that participants be able to discuss and resolve issues that affect their academic performance and goal pursuits. AESSS Academic Specialists are prepared to lend an ear and be a resource and will make appropriate referrals to both Counseling Centers and to the Wardenburg Health Center for long-terms and professional assistance. Mentorship referrals will also be made to AESSS advocates in other department areas.

Academic Skill Building

AESSS Academic Specialists will provide workshops and include staff from other areas as subject appropriate. All workshops are interactive with handouts and exercises. Workshops subjects will be determined by continuing student request, surveys from other academic units, and results of participant year-end evaluation interest surveys. The workshops will include, but not be limited to, writing skills, reading skills, time management, research writing, notetaking skills, listening skills, test anxiety, preventive and prescriptive health, and networking skills.

Technology and Computer Skill Building

computersThese workshops will be conducted by AESSS, SASC and CU staff. Campus IT resources, Library systems, assistive technology, the Mac OS and Microsoft Office will be covered.

First Year Intensive (FYI)

Monitoring is enhanced for First Year participants. Eligible high-risk students are identified in the spring prior to fall enrollment, and are inviting to campus for an extended one-week orientation. In addition to intense monitoring students will participate in learning communities, study clusters, workshops and more.

Academic Advising

Academic advising will be performed with each participant by AESSS Academic Specialists. The advising will be done in cooperating with the Academic Advising unit of the participant's particular department. On-line transcripts are available and each AESSS Academic Specialist is provided System access to grades, CU system transcripts, admission application data (including test scores and previous institutions), student billing, and we also have liaisons in each of these areas to provide in-depth assistance to advisor and student.

Tutorial Services

Each AESSS Academic Specialist can request tutors for participants. Tutors are required to submit progress reports after each meeting and contact the requesting specialist with any concerns. Services are provided one on one, in groups, and in small group co-seminars attached to certain classes that have proven challenging to eligible students and are limited to SASC-selected and AEP participants. AEP Study Halls are tutor supervised as requested by participants.

Cultural Events

In addition to campus resources, the AESSS project offers Art Reach events for a wide selection of great performing arts events in and around the Denver Metro Area. Students can attend events such as plays, symphonies, ballets, concerts, professional sporting events, and visit museums and area zoos at no cost.

Career Exploration

This is an ongoing process that is presented to participants in conjunction with Career Services. Our program liasion, Mr. Ray Garcia, will with groups and individuals to enhance career exploration. Students will be invited to participate in career services events at no charge to them to access services like the Resume Bank and Dining for Success.

Graduate School Awareness

This essential service begins early with the Career Exploration Component in order for students to realize the importance for planning ahead for more career options. Graduate School Specific workshops are presented in two stages: the first covering first and second year participants, and the second stage covering bachelor/master's candidates and 3rd and higher year participants. The first Component covers what graduate school is, what its like, and the difference in selection and admission processes. The second component covers graduate school searches, admission criteria review, faculty and departmental research reviews, and preparation for the GREs, and other graduate entrance exams. Students will apply for graduate exam course scholarships and exam fee waivers, and application fee waivers with the assistance of AESSS staff.

First and Second Year students with clearer career goals are encouraged to apply for the Trio Advanced Scholars Course (TASC). Trio Advanced Study Community (TASC)—a program to introduce participants to the world of graduate school and the skills and preparation required. Students will learn the intricacy faculty mentor selection and will actually select a faculty mentor for themselves. They will work with that mentor to develop a research plan/project and submit it for the awarding of an Undergraduate Research Opportunity Project grant. Once funded, the participant and mentor will embark on a nine (9) week research project and will attend seminars on graduate school searches, executing power point presentations, oral presentation skills, writing skills, etc. This program will be provided to first and second year students who display interest and/or academic potential for graduate studies.Dan West, ELL Services Coordinator

ESL Activities

A SASC Academic Specialist is assigned to assist students with English language needs. Further, Disability Specialists also lend their expertise to our staff on how to approach ELL writing issues. AESSS advising staff will edit and discuss papers and provide writing assistance to their ELL participants.


Peer Mentoring

mentorsPeer Mentors will be recruited from the roster off AESSS participants. They will attend and complete a training program designed by AESSS staff and administered by AESSS Academic Specialists and other campus personnel. Peer Mentors will be directly supervised by AESSS Academic Specialist assigned to the participant. They will assist in the areas of monitoring, advising, study skills, exposure to cultural events, career exploration, financial counsel, and adjustment to campus climate.

Orientation—Summer Ready

groupwalkTwenty-five eligible students meeting these criteria will be contacted and asked to come for a special extended summer orientation named Summer Ready. They will experience an enhanced one-week residential orientation that will infuse study skills, classroom management, multicultural exploration, networking, and other essential college success skills. We will recruit and utilize campus staff from all essential campus areas (financial aid, advising, billing, health services, etc) to assist in providing a comprehensive program to ready these students for their first year experience.

Life Skills

Individual and group workshops will be made available throughout the semester to assist participants in transitional phases involving culture, life cycle, career coordination and adjustment to changing roles. Self-Exploration—These workshops will provide careful exploration into self-identity and concept. Students will be introduced to ways in which to explore who they are outside of peer groups. This workshop will involve life skill work, some pre-career decision making work and boundary setting.