Courses for AESSS Students

AESSS students are encouraged to enroll in math and writing courses offered at the Student Academic Success Center. Contact your academic advisor to find out which one is right for you. These are controlled enrollment courses, so you cannot register for them yourself.

Math Courses - How to Enroll Writing Courses - How to Enroll
MATH 1005 Introduction to College Mathematics ARSC 1080 College Writing and Research
MATH 1012 Quantitative Reasoning and Mathematical Skills ARSC 2000 Ways of Knowing
MATH 1011 College Algebra ARSC 3100 Advanced Writing and Research
MATH 1011 Calculus-Bound College Algebra    
MATH 1021 Numerical and Analytical College Trigonometry    
MATH 1300 Analytic Geometry and Calculus I    
ARSC 1710 Calculus Bridge Course    
ARSC 1720 Calculus 1 Co-Seminar and Business Calculus Co-Seminar    
ARSC 1440 Calculus 2 and Business Statistics Co-Seminars