From the Chief of Police

Prior to becoming CU-Boulder Police Chief in 2005, Joe Roy was in charge of the Parking and Transportation Services Department and served the CU-Boulder Police Department for almost three decades.

From the Chief
Because the safety of the university community is our utmost concern, emergency response planning has long been a priority for the University of Colorado Boulder.

Thus, the campus has carefully devised and well-rehearsed plans in place to deal with major emergencies that may threaten the health and safety of our students, faculty, and staff.

CU-Boulder's Emergency Plan is designed to ensure immediate and rapid response to emergencies, and to deal with questions that relate to continuity of campus business.

We have 24-hour/7-day campus police coverage. CU-Boulder’s Police Department is staffed by commissioned police officers who undergo the same training received by officers in Colorado’s municipal and county law enforcement departments.

We maintain close and cooperative working relationships with the City of Boulder Police Department and the Boulder County Sheriff's Department and District Attorney's Office. We have direct lines of communication with these and other departments. The University Police Department also works with other state and federal law enforcement agencies as required.

We have well-established connections with medical groups for health care support, access to multiple kinds of technical expertise and support, and a strong Environmental Health and Safety Department.

The university is well positioned to handle an emergency. We have made emergency planning a priority and we have practiced numerous emergency scenarios for a number of years.

Feeling safe and secure also comes from being informed and taking appropriate action. Thus, the campus safety website has been established to serve as a resource on emergency preparedness and personal safety. We will continue to update it, add new resources, and expand it to incorporate more detailed information on CU-Boulder's plans and resources.

Joe Roy,

Director of Public Safety and Chief of Police