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Student Profile: Kathleen Majewski

Kathleen Majewski values her CU journalism mentors and the fun she's had on the track and field team, but she says there's one event on campus when she always feels the most Buff pride.

Alumni Profile: Judd Rogers

Alternative energy in Chile? That's the unique focus of Judd Rogers' work after a diverse set of experiences at CU-Boulder.

In the spirit of Peace Corps service

Why, for a decade, has CU-Boulder consistently ranked in the top four nationally for graduates serving in the Peace Corps?

Nutrition labels can lead even most health conscious consumers astray

Your food choice may not be as healthy as you think.

As Voyager 1 nears edge of solar system, a CU scientist looks back

CU-Boulder planetary scientist Larry Esposito talks about the Voyager missions.

Journalism Plus at CU-Boulder

CU-Boulder faculty members discuss the Journalism Plus curriculum and how it prepares students

CU-Boulder engaged in the world

Each year, thousands of CU-Boulder students, faculty and alumni engage in international studies, teaching, research and service.

Undergrad's python research

Senior Ryan Doptis' biology research work entails close study of Burmese pythons.

Ancient Alaskan Artifact

First Ever Cast Bronze Artifact Unearthed In Alaska- A team of researchers led by the University of Colorado Boulder has discovered something out of place for the region – a prehistoric bronze arti

Study or Sleep? The Finals Debate

With finals quickly approaching, take a minute to watch this friendly reminder for keeping healthy.


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