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Engineering Sporting Equipment for Visually Impaired Children

Professor Seth Murray gives his Engineering, Marketing and Entrepreneurhsip class eight days to create sports equipment for visually impaired elementary students.  Two visually impaired children we

GRACE mission measures global ice mass changes

An animation shows the location of mountain glaciers and ice caps around the world with data from the GRACE mission to show recent trends in ice mass loss or gain.

The misperception of American political polarization

The American flag is red, white and blue but when it comes to politics Americans see the nation as Red and Blue.

Alumni Profile: Astronaut/Instructor Jim Voss

Jim Voss is one of 18 NASA astronauts who've attended CU-Boulder. Now he shares his experiences as an instructor on campus.

Alumni Profile: Judge Christine Arguello

Years before she was confirmed by the U.S. Senate, Federal Judge Christine Arguello got her start in education at CU-Boulder.

Student Profile: Dustin Farivar

Dustin Farivar found many leadership opportunities at CU-Boulder.

Student Profile: Kathleen Majewski

Kathleen Majewski values her CU journalism mentors and the fun she's had on the track and field team, but she says there's one event on campus when she always feels the most Buff pride.

Alumni Profile: Judd Rogers

Alternative energy in Chile? That's the unique focus of Judd Rogers' work after a diverse set of experiences at CU-Boulder.

In the spirit of Peace Corps service

Why, for a decade, has CU-Boulder consistently ranked in the top four nationally for graduates serving in the Peace Corps?

Nutrition labels can lead even most health conscious consumers astray

Your food choice may not be as healthy as you think.


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