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Here comes Ralphie!

The University of Colorado Boulder has one of the most unique mascots in all of intercollegiate athletics, a real buffalo named Ralphie.

Glory, Glory Colorado

A glimpse of life at CU-Boulder.

President Barack Obama visits CU-Boulder

Experience President Barack Obama's visit to CU-Boulder on April 24, 2012.

Biotech at CU: impacting industry, community

Biosciences at CU-Boulder have an impact on society, addressing some of its critical challenges, while also parlaying into vital advances for local and global economies. 

Biotech at CU: collaboration and innovation

Bioscience at CU-Boulder happens in a building designed for collaboration among many units including chemical and biological engineering, biochemistry, and the Biofrontiers Institute. 

JILA: contributions to society

Visit labs with some of the world's best lasers to find out what technical innovations JILA has brought to modern society.

JILA: X-wing and the future

See inside JILA's new lab facilities, and hear what its Nobel Prize winning scientists envision for future discoveries.

JILA: people behind the scenes

What does it take to win a Nobel Prize? It turns out that a sense of humor helps. Meet some of the extraordinary scientists behind one of CU-Boulder's renowned joint institutes.

A "Superradiant" Laser

Physicists at JILA have demonstrated a novel "superradiant" laser design with the potential to be 100 to 1,000 times more stable than the best conventional visible lasers.

Students, Jobs and Social Media

With most recruiters using social media, focusing on a professional online presence is crucial for students entering the job market.


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