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All moved in

About 6,400 students completed the task of moving into their residence hall rooms last week. Welcome to CU!

Ride the Buff Bus like a pro

Fellow students give tips on acing the Buff Bus, which connects students who live in Williams Village/Bear Creek with main campus.

Surviving your roommate

CU-Boulder students give pointers on how to get along with roommates.

Minor in Possession

A minor in possession offense can lead to more than just a "bad night." For more information on student conduct visit

CU-Boulder planetarium upgrading to giant-screen theater

If you’re a planetarium junkie in the Boulder area, your experience is about to get a major upgrade. The astrophysical and planetary sciences department, home to Fiske Planetarium, announced the la

Sentinel Mission

Students will be at the controls, under the direction of engineers, to better identify and monitor asteroids that could cause devastation to Earth as CU-Boulder's Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics embarks on the Sentinel Mission.

Population, consumption and growth

CU-Boulder Professor Emeritus Al Bartlett shares themes from his notorious cautionary lecture about the arithmetic of population growth. The video is part of a series that can be viewed at

Ride along with CU-Boulder Facilities Management

Facilities Management plans for and provides a physical and operational environment that supports the University of Colorado Boulder's mission of education, research and outreach.

Flying Over CU-Boulder

View a fast aerial tour of the spectacular campus and surroundings of the University of Colorado Boulder.

Where the Buffalo Roam

What is there to see and do around CU-Boulder? From the Peak-to-Peak Highway to Pearl Street, from Keystone to Red Rocks, from Denver to Eldorado...


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