Research Building Tenant

General Information

Helpful Contact List for Tenants

Building Hours
In general, buildings are unlocked around 7:00am and locked at 6:00pm by the Community Safety Operations Staff.  This varies by building.  Click here for the CUPD building public access schedule.

If you need after hours building access for a special event, please e-mail at least 10 business days prior to the start of the event. 

Building Signage and Directory - Signage Requirements
All signage requests need to be submitted to the RPS office for review and approval. Please be aware that if you move from your current space, you will be responsible for removing your sign and for any repairs to the building or grounds. Additionally, you are responsible for any damages incurred by the installation of your sign.

All temporary signage must be approved by RPS and comply with CU standards.

Campus use of University Facilities Policies
For information on campus facility policies on topics such as pets, closures, delays, scheduling public spaces, security, signage, and prohibited activities, please visit
Space Heater Policy


Rent payments are due on the first day of each month to:

Research Property Services
1540 30th Street, Room 101
444 UCB
Boulder, CO 80309

Custodial Schedules
For a detailed cleaning schedule of your RPS property, choose from the corresponding links below:                                ARC - CINC - CIRES - GBB/MCDB - JILA - LSTR - MSSC - RL2 - SPSC - TB65 - TB82 - TB88

For immediate concerns, please contact the Facilities Management Service Center, 24 hours a day, at 303-492-5522.

Furniture and other Property Pick Up
If you have any excess or old furniture you would like removed from your space, contact Distribution and Property Services.  If you have any questions or need assistance with this process, you may contact our office directly.

Locked Out?
If you are locked out of your building or office, please contact Access Services directly at 303-492-6609. 

Lost and Found
Any lost and found items should be turned in and or reported to RPS 303-492-6883

Maintenance Requests
CU uses the FAMIS system in order to submit and track all service requests.  For tenant buildings, an authorized tenant representative will be provided a username and password to access the system. Otherwise, please e-mail and/or call in a service request to RPS at 303-492-6883. Facilities will dispatch the appropriate personnel to answer the request as quickly as possible.  RPS will notify you of status updates via e-mail.
Please note, for all after hours emergencies, contact the Service Desk at 303-492-5522.

If you are seeking a parking permit close to your building, please fill out and submit a parking permit application.  This may be sent via campus mail to 444 UCB, emailed to
, or sent via fax to 303-492-6448.

Deskside recycling is picked up once a week by a student employee.  There are some weeks during finals and holidays where deskside service may not occur.  In these instances, please deposit your recycling into a public bin for pick-up.  For recycling and solid waste questions or concerns, please contact 303-492-5321 (Jessica Bradley or Meggan Foster)
--For the current trash and recycling pick-up schedule, click here.

*For pick-ups of large amounts of non-confidential recycling, please call or email Meggan Foster (2-5321) to make arrangements.  She will provide you with a large wheeled cart to load your recyclables on for Recycling Services to pick up.*

All snow-related questions and concerns should be routed directly to Research Property Services.

If you have been in an accident please contact the University Police Department at 303-492-6666. If you have suffered an injury as a result of snow and/or ice, please contact University Risk Management at 303-860-5682.

Campus Closures due to Weather -- In extreme situations the members of the Snow Removal committee in collaboration with the University Police Chief, may recommend a campus closure. The final decision to close campus is made by the Chancellor. When possible, this decision is announced prior to 6:00am.  For recorded information regarding potential campus closures, please call 303-492-4636. Facilities Management Snow Removal Procedure