Building Services

Lost and Found

Any lost item(s) should be turned in to the RPS Management Office.  You can also call RPS at 303-492-6883 if you have lost any items.

Building Signage and Directory - Signage Requirements

All signage requests need to be submitted to the RPS office for review and approval.

Please be aware that if you move from your current space, you will be responsible for removing your sign and for any repairs to the building or grounds. Additionally, you are responsible for any damages incurred by the installation of your sign.

All temporary signage must be approved by RPS and comply with CU standards.

Maintenance Requests

RPS uses the CU FAMIS work order system.

For tenant buildings, an authorized tenant representative will be provided a username and password to access the system. Otherwise, please e-mail and/or call in a service request to RPS at 303-492-6883. Facilities will dispatch the appropriate personnel to answer the request as quickly as possible.  RPS will notify you of status updates via e-mail. Please note, for all after hours emergencies, contact the Service Desk at 303-492-5522.

Should you have any questions regarding the On-Line Service Request System, please do not hesitate to contact RPS.