Classroom Research Presentations

Please contact the IRB Program Director, Claire Dunne, if you are interested in an informational lecture for your class.

The IRB is happy to announce a new research ethics introductory course.  The course is available to all current CU students through the Desire2Learn (D2L) learning management system.  The course, Research Ethics for CU Students, consists of three modules and two quizzes. It was designed as a complementary addition to any introductory research course and covers: 

  • the history of human research
  • the difference between classroom research and IRB reviewed research, and
  • provides practical guidance and tools needed to complete each type of student research. 

All new students researchers are strongly encouraged to complete the online course to become familiar with the research process and the IRB.

Note: This course is not a replacement for the IRB CITI training course required for all key personnel of a IRB reviewed research study. Key personnel must visit the CITI website to complete that federally mandated training. 

About Desire2Learn (D2L)

D2L is the portal used to deliver online class material.  Unlike courses that you enroll in through the Registrar, this course is considered a community course and is available to any current student with a CU identikey regardless of the semester period.  If you have never used D2L, visit the D2L - Navigating D2L page and watch this OIT video to learn more about this system and how it works before you begin the IRB course. 

Although the option is available, do not download any of the modules to your computer. Use the Content Browser in D2L to complete each module within your internet browser.  Progress completed in any downloaded module is not trackable; completion credit is only given for modules completed from within D2L.

How to Access The Course

The login portal for Desire2Learn is Your login information is your CU identikey and password. If you cannot login, contact OIT at and request access to Desire2Learn. You should provide OIT with the following information:

  1. Identikey
  2. Student Number
  3. First Name
  4. Middle Name
  5. Last Name
  6. Colorado.Edu Email Address

Once you have access to D2L, contact the IRB Office to request access to the IRB course. 

Faculty who wish to enroll an entire class in the community course should send a completed D2L Class Roster Worksheet with the students information to request bulk enrollment. All worksheets should be sent to the ORI Education & Training Coordinator.