Boulder Campus Research Faculty hiring procedures for the Boulder Campus Research Associate (PRAs, Sr. PRAs, Research Associates, and Sr. Research Associates) must be completed in a proactive manner, as mandated and established in October 2004. All Boulder Campus Research Faculty must be conducted through Taleo/CU Careers (replacing JobsatCU as of 12/5/15).

Hiring units must use the deadline due dates information posted in the Chancellor’s Personnel Report Due Dates (updated 11/29/16)

General Guidelines for Beginning the Processes:

  1. Determine when the position must be created and approved in HCM 9.2,
  2. Create the Taleo/CU Careers posting and submit for approval to the Research & Innovation Office,
  3. Advertise and recruit prospective employees,
  4. Review and interview candidates, and
  5. Initiate the criminal/EPLS background check Taleo/CU Careers for the recommended hire, prior to the hiring unit submitting an offer letter (in final format) to the Research & Innovation Office via DocuSign.  NOTE:  if you want the Research & Innovation Office to complete a "pre-review" of the offer letter, prior to uploading to DocuSign for routing, please send to
  6. Effective 1/1/16, all offer letters must be processed via DocuSign! No more paper offer letters!
HCM and CU Careers Step-By-Step Guides

IMPORTANT REMINDER:  effective with the 6/16/15 hiring start date, the Research & Innovation Office required verification of completion of the background check before offer letter is to be submitted in DocuSign - thank you!

HCM 9.2 and Taleo/CU Careers went live in December 2015:  click on the following link HCM/CUCareers Step-By-Step for the new step-by-step guide to assist you in (1) creating a new position and (2) creating the posting in CU Careers. Please note that additional information about hiring the candidate will be sent to you within the next couple of weeks! Thank you for your patience.

Please note that the following are the two primary recruiting and hiring scenarios in which hiring units will incorporate the use of Taleo/CU Careers:

  1. "Regular/Open-Competitive Search"
  2. "Direct Hire "(formerly known as Targeted/Waived Search)

Research Faculty (Professional Research Assistants (PRAs), Sr. Professional Research Assistants (Sr. PRAs), Research Associates, and/or Sr. Research Associates) Checklist.

Research Faculty Benefits, Leave and Other Policies Document – will be updated and uploaded to the website.

Updated/Revised Templates: all offer letters, effective 1/1/16, must be processed via DocuSign.