Post-Doctoral Fellowship ("Post-Doc Fellows") appointments are restricted to individuals who receive fellowship awards directly from the funding agency and have a direct reporting relationship to the funding agency rather than having an “employer-employee” relationship at the University of Colorado Boulder.  Individuals appointed as “Post-Doc Fellows” receive slightly different benefits and are ineligible to earn leave accruals during the Post-Doc Fellowship. 

The "Post-Doctoral Fellow" (HRMS jobcode 1438) title replaced the "Post-Doctoral Trainee" (HRMS jobcode 3201) in January 2008 due to the university's concerns regarding individuals being hired concurrently as "non-employees" and "employees."

The university established a centralized accounting process, which is overseen by the Budget and Financial Manager in the Research & Innovation Office, to cover the additional benefits expenses for this group (approximately 35) of employees who apply for and receive their own "fellowship funding".

Please click here to see the Benefits Matrix Table, which displays the differences in the level of benefits for "Post-Doctoral Fellows” vs. “Research Associates".

The following documentation must be submitted to the Research & Innovation Office on or before the 19th of each month PRIOR to when the funding of the Post-Doctoral Fellowship appointment is to commence:

  1. Post-Doctoral Fellowship Offer Letter 
  2. Proof of Ph.D. degree
  3. Employee’s Curriculum Vitae/Resume
  4. Copy of Fellowship Funding Award 

NOTE: Due to the nature of the Post-Doctoral Fellowship appointment, the requirement to use "Taleo/CU Careers" is non-applicable/waived, as most Post-Doc Fellows (1) choose to come to the University in order to complete their proposed fellowship project, or (2) are already employed (typically as a Research Associate) by a faculty member/PI on the Boulder Campus.



The University of Colorado Boulder is committed to service and support of its Research Associates ("post-doctoral researchers") on campus through the Postdoctoral Association of Colorado (PAC). PAC's mission is to provide an environment that fosters professional advancement, support services and networking opportunities for all Research Associates and Post-Doctoral Fellowship Recipients.  As an incoming Research Associate ("post-doctoral researcher") and/or Post-Doctoral Fellowship Receipient on the Boulder Campus you are encouraged to learn more about the association's activities at and sign up to receive information about upcoming events at