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Your initial tuition classification is determined from information you supply on your application for admission to the University. You may file a petition if you wish to contest out-of-state classification status or if you subsequently become eligible for in-state status. If the Tuition Classification Officer denies your petition, you may appeal to the University Tuition Classification Review Board.

Because Colorado residency status is governed solely by Colorado regulations, lack of eligibility for in-state status in another state does not guarantee in-state status in Colorado. The tuition classification statute places the burden of proof on you to provide clear and convincing evidence of eligibility.

Information submitted to qualify for in-state classification is subject to independent verification. Individuals submitting false information or falsified supporting documents are subject to both criminal charges and University disciplinary proceedings.

Disclaimer: Our goal is to protect the confidentially, integrity, and availability of information. Please note that we cannot guarantee the security of any sensitive data contained in your e-mail or fax. Our preferred method of receiving your documentation is through traceable mail, or in-person delivery.


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