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Accessing DARSweb
Active Duty Child Dependent Form
Active Duty Form
Active Duty Military Certification for Tuition Classification
Active Duty Spouse Dependent Form
Add a Class Form
Adding or Revising a Class Instructions
Adjusting a Class
Affidavit of Common Law Marriage
Appeals Procedures
Application for the Creation and Maintenance
Canadian Military Form
Cancel a Class
Cancelling a Class
Centrally Controlled Classrooms
Classroom Change Notice
COF Addendum
COF Authorizations Instructions
COF Waiver Request Form
Colorado National Guard Form
Common Final Exam Room Request
Concurrent BA/MA Appeal Form
Core Curriculum Flag Table
Course Numbering Guildlines
Course Proposal Form
Course Revision Form
Creating Combined Sections
Credit by Examination Application
CSV File Upload Formatting Information
Cutback Policy Chart
Degree Audit Hours and GPA Calculations
Department Contacts
Diploma Notarization Request Letter
Diploma Order Form
Domicile Petition
Emancipation Petition
Emergency Notication FAQ
Enrollment Verification Grid
Enrollment Verification Sample
Fall 2013 Academic Calendar
Fall 2013 Academic Calendar
Fall 2013 Final Exam Schedule
Fall 2013 Large Room Request
Fall 2013 Schedule of Classes Timeline
Fall 2013 Schedule of Classes-Main
Fall 2013 Withdrawal Calendar
Fall 2013 Withdrawal Form
Fall 2014 Academic Calendar
Fall 2014 Centrally Controlled Classroom
Fall 2014 Final Exam Schedule
Fall 2014 Grade Processing Calendar
Fall 2014 Large Room Request Memo
Fall 2014 Large Room Usage Report
Fall 2014 Planning Memo
Fall 2014 Schedule of Classes
Fall 2014 Timeline
Fall 2014 Withdraw Form
Fall 2014 Withdrawal Information
FERPA Limited Privacy Directory Information Request
FERPA Non-Disclosure of Directory Information Request Form
FERPA Transcript Consent
Grade Process Calendar
Graduation Application (How To)
GT Pathways Flag Chart
Guidelines for Location of Student Records
How to Read A Degree Audit
How to Run a Degree Audit
In-State Tuition Important Deadlines
In-State Tuition Petition Submission Dates and Deadlines
Instructions for ISIS Access
Interface Service Design Instructions
Interface Service Design Instructions A
Interface Service Design Instructions B
ISIS Course Proposal Form
Large Room Usage Report
Last Date of Attendance FAQs
Letter of Instruction
Mac User Adobe Instructions
Military Form
Modify a Class
Name Change & Record Update
New Faculty Form
Parent Affidavit
Pass-Fail Chart
Program/Plan Changes
Progress Towards Degree A and S
Progress Towards Degree Architecture and Planning
Progress Towards Degree Engineering
Progress Towards Degree Leeds School of Business
Progress Towards Degree Music
Readmit Chart for Continuing Undergraduate Students
Registration Instructions
Requirements for the Creation and the Maintenance of Student Data in Electronic Repositories
Schedule Planner Worksheet
Special Program Section Numbers
Specific Room Request
Spring 2014 Academic Calendar
Spring 2014 Centrally Controlled Classroom
Spring 2014 Final Exam Schedule
Spring 2014 Large Room Request Memo
Spring 2014 Planning Memo
Spring 2014 Schedule of Classes
Spring 2014 Timeline
Spring 2014 Withdrawal Information
Spring 2015 Academic Scheduling Centrally Controlled Classrooms
Spring 2015 Academic Scheduling Large Room Request
Spring 2015 Academic Scheduling Timeline
Spring 2015 Final Exam Schedule
Spring 2015 Planning Calendar
Standard Meeting Patterns
Stay Connected Application
Student Permission Form
Submitting Corrections to Grade Rosters
Summer 2013 Schedule of Classes
Summer 2014 Grade Processing Calendar
Summer 2014 Schedule of Classes
Summer 2014 Withdraw Information
Summer 2014 Withdrawal Form
Summer Special Programs Room Request
TDY Form
Time-Off Program Application
Transcript Request Form
Transfer Credit Flags
Transfer Credit in DARS
Tuition Classification Application
Tuition Classification Regulations
Tuition Regulation Guidelines
Updating a Class Instructions
Veteran Form
Veterans Form for Dependent
Web Grading & Uploading for D2L Instructors
Web Grading FAQ
Web Grading Hints and Tips
Web Grading Instructions - Brief
Web Grading Instructions - Detailed
Web Grading with CSV Files
Western Regional Graduate Program In-State Tuition Application
Withdrawal Checklist
Withdrawal Return Chart for Continuing Undergraduate Students


Dear Student,

If you intend to graduate in May 2014, be sure to complete all the items below by the dates listed.

Do you need enrollment verification for Spring 2014? Good news! You can now obtain one without a trip to the Registrar’s office!

Welcome back! As classes start next week, remember the following dates for adding and dropping courses. Unless otherwise noted, all deadlines below end at 11:59 p.m. on the day listed.

Dear Student,

If you intend to graduate in December 2013, be sure to complete all the items below by the dates listed.

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