We haven't been able to send emails from course or advisor rosters yet – is this being fixed?

The problem is that not all faculty and staff email addresses are loaded to ISIS, so there is no email address to mail "from". It is both a security issue and a procedural one. The person's email address has to be loaded into Campus Solutions in order to do this, so we are manually going to populate this (for advisors and dept. admin.), and then it will be done for all others in one upload at a later point in time. Timeline? A little bit of testing needs to be done first, so this will probably be done in the next two weeks.

Is there a quick and easy way to see all of the enrollments in all sections of the course?

The only way to do this is to view it course by course - if you enter in one course, you will get to see the enrollment in all sections. Curriculum Management - Schedule of Classes - Update Sections of a Class (to view enrollment).  The tab is then "Class Enrollment Limits".  Again, it is course by course. There is a new curriculum management report – this is looking pretty good and might give you all of the information you need. We will let you know when it is ready.

With the new process of UG students not needing to go on Time Off Program and can return up to four semesters, how will transfer credit be posted?

As long as the student has an active program plan stack, then the transfer can be posted. Students don't have to have an active term record - just an active program plan stack. 

We have space reserved in one of our courses until May sometime, but we want to get someone in who does not meet the reserve capacity – how do we do this?

You have to used the closed class and the prerequisite override. 

In the advisor section - there are four boxes - must approve enrollment, advise by committee, must approve graduation, graduation approved – what should advisors do here?

There is no reason to use this; there is no functionality behind this.

How do you swap courses? When do you use swap courses? What if the student wants to WL in another section of the course?

SWAP, on the student self-service side, is really intended for the student to make sure there is space in another section of the course. There is probably no reason to use it on the admin side, but you could if you're wanting to make sure a class is open before you drop another class for a student. Can this be done for recitations too? Yes, it does work for the lab or the recitation too. 

Are advisors able to re-sequence a WL manually?

Only if it is a re-sequenced waitlist - not if it is an auto waitlist. If you click on the OVERRIDE box, you can then go in and manually change the priority code assignment. At this stage, can you get an auto-WL course changed to re-sequenced? You cannot if there are enrollments in the course. 

Since there is no F2 HELP key, how do we know what the codes are to select?

Sometimes on fields, there are magnifying glasses. For priorities on the WL resequence roster, the values are 1 - 99. UPK's are a good resource for people to refer to if they want to know information about data in the fields (this example). 

When the WL does re-sequence, will it do so in WL position order?


On the WL page, if you want to print it out prior to changing, is there a print-friendly format?

Just hit print.

How do you print a class roster?

Print from the Student Details tab on the class roster.

Is there an easy way to enroll everyone off of a waitlist?


SIS Web Operator - when will it go away?

It will be available through June of 2011 (same as SIS), but it will only be updated through September 30, 2010 (for summer 2010 and before).

If a student is enrolled in one section of a course, but they WL for another section of the same course, will they get enrolled in a second section of the same course?


If there are 10 sections of the same course, can they be on 5 different WL?

Yes, but they can only be enrolled right now for 19 hours of the same course.

Can we give students the ability to enroll themselves in classes?

We do have the option of permission numbers, but we didn't roll this out this year. Some departments have asked us not to make it department consent required - if you would like to do this, we can. But can we then control which faculty member they enroll in? Could post your list with the section number and let students self-select.


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