Emergency Notification FAQ

Why am I being asked for Emergency Notification information as well as Emergency Contact information?

Emergency Notification is the information the University uses to contact you when the campus needs to alert you to safety or facility issues. Emergency Contact information is used in the event the University needs to contact someone on your behalf should you be involved in or experience a health or safety emergency.

How often will I receive text message alerts?

Fortunately, the campus does not use the alert system very often. In some academic terms, the only messages sent to the campus are system test messages. Campus Alert text messages could be issued for situations such as severe weather, facility updates including campus closures, campus operating status, and imminent dangers affecting our campus community.

Why do I have to enter this information? I’ve already signed up at alerts.colorado.edu.

The University transferred the management of your emergency alerts contact information from the alerts.colorado.edu website to MyCUInfo as part of the Fall 2013 registration process. This switch ensures that all actively enrolled students are capable of receiving email and text emergency notifications. Any information you enter during registration will replace the information you already entered in the Campus Alerts system.

Does this affect faculty or staff registrations for Campus Alerts?

At this time, all non-student faculty, staff and affiliates should still use alerts.colorado.edu to manage their emergency notification information. Work is underway to switch this process to the MyCUInfo portal but is not yet complete.

What if I don’t want to receive text message Campus Alerts from the University?

Opting out of the system is strongly discouraged, as the information provided by Campus Alerts can save your life during an emergency or life-threatening situation, and at the very least Campus Alerts keep you from coming to campus on a snow closure day.

You can choose to opt out by marking the “I elect to opt out of the Emergency Notification System” check box.

My question wasn’t on this list. Who should I contact?

If you have questions about the registration process, contact the Office of the Registrar at registrar@colorado.edu. If you have questions about voice-only notification options, TTY contact information or other Campus Alerts system-related questions, contact Sam Bogan in the Office of Emergency Management at samuel.bogan@colorado.edu.


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