Buff OneCard Photos

As of June 2006, the University of Colorado Boulder has identified copies of the Buff OneCard photo image as directory information. Copies of Buff OneCard photographic images may be requested only by university personnel from the Buff OneCard Office located in Willard Hall, room 182. Fees are $5 per image (or $50 per hour to produce groups of images, whichever is greater).

Images may be obtained only under the following conditions:

  1. University personnel, with the exception of CUPD officers, requesting photographic images must submit a completed "Application for Copy of Student Buff OneCard ID Photographic Image," available at the Buff OneCard Office.
  2. Requestors must supply names for all students whose photographic images are requested. Photographic images may not be obtained by general characteristics, e.g., all of the members of a class, all persons living in a residence hall, etc. This is in part intended to maintain accord with tenets of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), which preclude the release of information on students based upon factors that are not designated as directory information. Additionally, the Buff OneCard database contains few data elements regarding students beyond their names and images.
  3. University personnel requesting images must provide the Buff OneCard Office with a U.S. federal or state government issued photo ID as verification of their identities.
  4. University personnel requesting photographic images must provide information regarding their intended use. Applications for student photographic images are reviewed by committee.
  5. Fulfillment of photographic image requests will require a minimum of three weeks from the submission date of the application.
  6. The Buff OneCard photographic images of students who have elected privacy or semi-privacy on their student records are not available for access.
  7. Images released in accordance with these guidelines will be released on photo paper only and shall not be made available in electronic formats.
  8. Applications for Buff OneCard photographic images will be maintained on file at the Buff OneCard Office.


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