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Recreation Center Improvement Project


CU Enrollment and Facility Facts
Fall 2009 Total Student Enrollment 30,196
Undergraduate Enrollment25,408
Graduate Enrollment4,788
Faculty Staff7,000
Projected Student Enrollment 202037,089
Projected Student Enrollment 203043,926

CU currently has 240,000 square feet of indoor recreation space. CU Rec
Center was built in 1973 with the “new” expansion space added in 1990.

Indoor National Space Standards for CU
30,196 students X 12 sq ft = 362,352 sq ft (CU is short 122,352 sf)
30,196 students X 13 sq ft = 392,548 sq ft
(CU is short 152,548 sf)
BIG XII average is 314,191 sq ft(CU is short 74,191 sf)
1,050 (15% of F/S) X 12 sq ft per add 12,600 square feet
1,050 (15% of F/S) X 13 sq ft per add 13,650 square feet

CU has higher than average participation from our students. 88% of CU students participate in one or more Recreational Sports Activities. Even the 2001 campus master plan recognized a need for 100,000 square feet of additional indoor recreation space. CU has approximately half the recommended space for cardio and strength equipment. CU has 3 basketball courts and the Big XII average is 11.5 courts. As CU grows to the anticipated 37,000-44,000 students we will need an extra 84,000 – 168,000 sf. in addition to the 122,000 sf that we are already lacking. Standards also recommend that we include additional square footage for alumni and guest members. (e.g. 6 sq feet X # alumni members)

Outdoor Areas
Currently CU has 19 acres of outdoor recreational field areas for sports competitions. The national recommendation for outdoor space is a minimum of 1 acre/ 1,000 students. Consequently CU is currently 11 acres short of standards and as we increase in enrollment we will be 18 - 25 acres short.
A stark example of CU’s outdoor deficiencies is that we have zero softball fields.