• Scuba class

Scuba Policies, Rquirements and Intstructor Contact Info

  • Registration Deadlines -  These courses have registration deadlines. This is so we can prepare gear and ensure that we meet our minimum registration requirements. Please make sure that you register before these deadlines to secure a spot in the course.
  • Clarify any questions you have before you sign up for a course
  • Read the refund deadline and be aware there are no transfers to a different semester course
  • You must attend all course dates listed for completion of the course
  • These scuba courses involve both classroom and pool sessions
  • These courses prepare you for NAUI certification
  • Fees include pool instruction, lectures, and equipment
  • Fees do not cover open water dives (approximately $280 through private arrangements with the instructor)
  • If you have medical conditions, consult a physician prior to enrolling in a course (epilepsy and asthma are conditions that unfortunately prohibit you from enrolling)

Beginning Scuba (4 day course) 

  • This course is completed in four days and will give you scuba basics to send you on your way to achieving NAUI certification.
  • The first class meets in the Pool Classroom located in the comp pool near the climbing gym. 
  • You will need to bring a swimsuit, t-shirt and socks for pool, and paper and pen.
  • Pre-requisites:
    •  You must have basic swimming skills and be able to hold your breath under water.
    • If you have epilepsy and asthma you will not be able to participate without a physicians note.

  • Date(s): Tues/Wed/Thurs/Fri, 6/20/2017 to 6/23/2017 
  • Time: 5-9pm
  • Location: Pool Classroom inside comp pool
  • Registration Deadline: Mon, 6/20/2017 at 6pm
  • Price:$93


  • Days: Mon/Wed
  • Time: 4-8:30pm
  • Location: Pool Classroom inside comp pool
  • Registration Deadline: Mon, 7/31/2017 at 6pm
  • Price:$93


  • Date(s): Tues/Thurs
  • Time: 4-8:30pm
  • Location: Pool Classroom inside comp pool
  • Registration Deadline: Tues, 8/1/2017 at 6pm
  • Price:$93


Scuba Refresher 

Need a review on your diving before heading to the blue waters? This class helps you refresh your scuba skills and can be arranged through the Outdoor Program office. 

  • You will attend the first day of one of the semester scheduled Beginning Scuba course dates. 
  • You must be eligble to obtain a membership (requirements) and will be required to register in person and purchase a day pass for Rec center entry for the day of your refresher course.
  • You must bring your current Open Water Certification to the class.
  • You will be in both the classroom and the pool. 


  • Date(s): Beginning Scuba Course Dates
  • Time: Same as beginning course
  • Location: Pool Classroom and Dive Well
  • Registration Deadline: 6pm first day of course
  • Price: $25
  • To register contact the course instructor, Terry Danko at

Advanced Scuba 

Many dive operations require an advanced to do some of their dives. Deep diving, deeper than 60ft, night dives, wreck dives are some that often times require an advanced certification. The purpose of this course is to prepare the certified diver to be able to do these dives. 

  • Academic portion is 6 hrs consisting of at least two lectures.
  • Advanced pool skills will be taught and completed in the pool.
  • 6 openwater dives need to be completed max of 4 dives per day. Night (limited visibility), deep and navigation are three of the six.
  • All necessary equipment is provided.
  • First lecture will provide all the necessary information.
  • Fees, in addition to the CU registration fee there is a $75 openwater and equipment fee.
  • Each location of openwater will have its own additional cost varying from $30 to $200 depending on the location.
  • Textbook is required cost approx. $35. Upon completion of the course an $18 NAUI Registration will be needed.

Pre-requisite: Basic openwater certification from any nationally recognized certification agency


Master Diver 

The academic portion of this course stresses physics and physiology with relation to diving, navigation and rescue techniques. Diving organization, safety aspects and emergency procedures are also part of the curriculum.

  • Course Format: 4 lecture sessions with pool time as needed to finish skills. Advanced pool skills will be taught and evaluated. All the class dives are in open water consisting of 8 separate dives. Open water dives will be done in conjunction with basic open water dives done at various locations.
  • Fees: in addition to the CU fee there is a $75 open water and equipment fee. Each location for the open water has a different cost ranging from $30 to $200 depending on location, lodging and facility admission fees. Master Diver Text and workbook must be purchased cost approx. $75. An $18 NAUI registration fee is required upon completion of the course.
  • Equipment: all necessary equipment is provided except MSF and boots student responsibility. 

Pre-requisite: Advanced Openwater Certification from any recognized certifying agency.

  • Date(s): - No summer offerings
  • Time: 
  • Location: 
  • Registration Deadline: 
  • Price:


Scuba Rescue Diver 

The academic portion of this course consists of rescue techniques, accident prevention, dive control and organization. Basic medical treatment and first aid for diving accidents are also covered.

  • This course is taught as a precursor for the Divemaster program.
  • Current 1st aid and CPR certifications required. Introduction to Oxygen first aid will be presented.
  • Pool skills will teach identification of problems and rescue techniques.
  • Openwater consists of 3 dives demonstrating proper rescue techniques. In addition to the CU fee there is a $75 open water and equipment fee. Text and workbook required cost $115. Open water dives are done in conjunction with basic open waters, fees vary depending on location from $30–200. An $18 NAUI registration fee is required upon completion of the course. 
  • All necessary equipment provided except MSF and boots.

Pre-requisite: Master Diver Certification

  • Date(s): - No summer offerings
  • Time: 
  • Location: 
  • Registration Deadline: 
  • Price:


Scuba Divemaster Program 

The Divemaster program is the first step in Scuba Diving Leadership training. By being involved with scuba training from the Basic Course level through Diver Rescue Training, the divemaster student receives a well-rounded exposure to Divemaster Training. The course lasts one year and requires assistance in pool classes and open water training dives.

  • There is no fee in addition to the CU-Boulder fee until program is completed and student applies for D/M certification. At that time a $130 open water and equipment fee is due along with an NAUI Registration fee of approx. $130
  • Divemaster required academic materials, textbooks and guides (Divemaster Library)  Cost approx. $375.
  • Students must provide their own MSF and wet suit.

Prerequisite: Rescue Diver certification

  • Date(s): - No summer offerings
  • Time: 
  • Location: 
  • Registration Deadline: 
  • Price:


NAUI Instructor Program 

This is the final step in scuba diving leadership training. It results in certification as an open water scuba instructor through National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI). The program involves teaching theory and training, pool and open water teaching skills, equipment maintenance, and class organization along with safety techniques.

  • All students at this level must have their own personal dive equipment including a 7mm wet suit or dry suit.
  • Course will take one year for completion.

Prerequisite: Divemaster certification. 

  • Course registration cost is $60.
  • Additional costs $750 instruction fee. Instructor library fee approx. $1250. NAUI reg fee approx. $220 upon completion of course. All of these costs are subject to change, the instructor will have all the current information.
  • To register for this course please contact Terry Danko email