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Summer aquatics activities cancelled due to construction. Classes will resume Fall 2013.

Master's Swim is a program designed to provide a structured workout environment for swimmers of any fitness & skill level. Workouts vary from emphasizing endurance and building fitness, to speed work and stroke development. You should be able to swim approximately 1,000 yards non-continuous in a 75 minute period.

$5 daily drop-in passes also available, click here for more information.

Adult swim classes are for those who would like to learn a new skill, or build on whatever level of skill and ability they may already have. Whether you're a beginner or more advanced recreational swimmer, we have the class to fit your needs. All levels are instructed by experienced teachers that can offer swimmers the opportunity to develop their own goals and work toward them in a class.

There are no free trials on Adult Swim Classes.

Private swim lessons available.
Click here for more information.



Swim Level 1

This is a beginner level class for swimmers with little or no experience. We will cover the basics of swimming strokes and water safety to include floating, gliding, stroke introduction and deep water skills.

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Swim Level 2

This is an intermediate level class for swimmers with moderate experience who are comfortable in the water. We will focus on stroke and skill development including breathing, building endurance, deep water comfort, treading and an opportunity for development of a single stroke.

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