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Weight Room / Cardiovascular Areas

Weight Room

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned exerciser the Student Recreation Center offers a wide range of opportunities for strength and cardiovascular training. The fitness areas are open during all hours of operation. The Fitness Center offers over 100 pieces of cardio equipment from Precor, Stairmaster, Keiser, Concept II Rowers, and Cybex. The cardiovascular equipment is complemented by 2 lines of Cybex selectorized equipment (one line is dedicated for circuit training), Nautilus selectorized equipment, Magnum plate loaded strength equipment, Olympic bench stations, and a full line of dumbbells.

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Fitness Orientations

The Weight Room is staffed by trained employees who monitor the activity in the room. The Weight Room Staff is available to answer general questions regarding the fitness areas and equipment. They can assist with spotting. Just look for the staff dressed in a gold "Weight Room Staff" shirt, they circulate throughout the main four fitness areas. A FREE 30 minute fitness orientations can be conducted by our Head Weight Room Attendants and is offered to all recreation center members. Fitness orientations teach proper form and technique for the Cybex selectorized strength equipment, Freemotion equipment, and cardiovascular equipment. Fitness orientations are offered during our regular business hours. Walk-ins are welcomed but can only be accommodated if a Head Weight Room Attendant is working. Appointments are encouraged and can be made at the weight room desk.

This Fitness Orientation is recommended for someone new to exercise and our facility. For more information regarding the orientation please go to the desk located in the Free Weight Room or call 303-492-6931.

Please Note: Fitness orientations provide general equipment information and use. These orientations are not a substitution for personal training and provide no "individualized" exercise program. Learn more about Personal Training >>

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General Fitness Area Rules

  1. Proper athletic shoes are required. No sandals, boots, or open-toe / open heeled shoes allowed. Proper workout clothing is required. No jeans, cutoffs, cargo pants (anything with buttons, zippers, rivets, etc.) allowed. Shirts/full tank tops must be worn at all times. No bare chest or sports bras.
  2. Please wipe down equipment before and after use.
  3. Share equipment and allow others to work in between sets.
  4. Horseplay or any unsafe activity will not be tolerated in this facility.
  5. Do not throw medicine balls against the wall.
  6. Do not stand or kneel on stability balls.
  7. Please complete a maintenance request to report any equipment that is not functioning properly. Report any unsafe conditions immediately.
  8. Food and drink are not allowed - water bottles only.
  9. The use of loose chalk is prohibited. Please use chalk balls.
  10. Do not remove workout equipment from the weight room or systems room (i.e. medicine balls, mats, plyo boxes, dumbbells, plates, etc.)
  11. No jumping rope in the Fitness areas. Jumping rope is allowed in the gymnasium.
  12. There is a 30 minute time limit on all cardio equipment in the building.

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Weight Room Rules

    Free Weights
  1. You must be 18 years of age or a fee paying CU Student to enter and use this facility.
  2. Collars are required on all barbell lifts.
  3. Use spotters on all heavy lifts. Weight Room Staff can assist in spotting.
  4. Return and rack weights/dumbbells when finished.
  5. Weights and dumbbells are not allowed on benches, against walls or equipment.
  6. Do not slam weights together or drop dumbbells, barbells, or plates on the floor.
  7. Personal belongings such as backpacks, coats, skateboards, etc. are not allowed in the weight room, along the ramp, or on the window sills. Please secure them in the lockers provided outside the weight room or in a locker in the locker rooms.

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System Room Rules

Staff conducting orientation
  1. Children under 15 years old are NOT allowed. A parent or legal guardian must directly supervise children between 15 and 18, unless they are a fee paying CU student.
  2. Personal belongings such as backpacks, coats, skateboards, etc. are not allowed in the systems room. Please leave them in the cubbies at your own risk, or secure them in a locker.

Circuit Line Rules

The Circuit Line at the west end of this room is for circuit training ONLY. Machines must be used in sequence starting at machine 1 and only 1 set per circuit is allowed. 30-repetition max on all lifts. Do not recover on equipment.

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Cardio Room and Theater Rules

  1. There is a 30 minute limit on all equipment in this room.
  2. Please turn off individual TV's when not in use.
  3. All personal belongings need to be put away. Secure them in a locker or use the cubbies in Cardio Room at your own risk.
  4. Please recycle newspapers and water bottles when finished. Throw away all trash.

Refusal to follow the policies of the CU Student Recreation Center may result in ejection from the facility and could result in police contact.To report infraction, please notify Recreation Center Staff.

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