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    Each club may petition for National Travel Money if they are selected or qualify for a national tournament for their sport. Clubs may also petition for National Travel Money for equipment for their club but it must remain with the club/university. In order to petition for National Travel money (up to $1000.00 for national travel or $500.00 for equipment) a club must perform/volunteer for a community service event or project. A list of community service events/projects can be attained through the CU Sport Clubs Office or the club may chose a charity/nonprofit organization. A minimum of 50% of the club members must participate in this event/project and it must be completed before the Fall/Spring academic year. All community service events/projects must be pre-approved by the CU Collegiate Sport Clubs Coordinators in order to receive national travel funds. A National Travel Form must be filled out and submitted to CU Collegiate Sport Clubs Office after the event /project is completed. This form MUST be signed by the Charity Manager/Supervisor. Community service events/projects may serve as fundraisers for the club however 50% of all net revenues must be donated to the charity/nonprofit organization.

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  • *Important* The Final part of this form has you bringing this form with you and getting a signature from the person in charge of your community service application and getting there information. If you do not complete this part, you’re community service will not get approved and you can lose funding. You should now print this form off. Bring this completed form to your event, get it signed, and then bring it to the club sports office in the rec center. The following is for them only, once this form is printed push the submit button.

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