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Men's Volleyball

 Men's Volleyball

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Click here to sign up for club volleyball All CU Students who would like to participate on a CU Collegiate Club Sport team MUST click on the link above and fill out the member release form.

Website Men's Volleyball
Organizational Meeting

Tuesday, September 3

6:30pm Humanities 250

Club Leadership

2 Coaches


25 players between 2 teams

Practice Info.

M/Thurs: 8-11pm CU Rec Center, Sat 4-7pm CU Rec Center

Competition Info.

Hosts 1 tournament, competes in 5 tournaments

National Affiliation

NIRSA, USA Volleyball & Mountain West Volleyball Conference

Membership Requirements
  1. Must be enrolled in 9 or more credit hours, full feel paying, and be in good standing at CU-Boulder
  2. Pay Club Dues approx. $700

Special Event Security


1 home and 1 away jersey


Connor McCall: 310-995-8440 or