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Women's Lacrosse

 Women's Lacrosse

Sign Up For Club Lacrosse

Click here to sign up for club lacrosse. All CU Students who would like to participate on a CU Collegiate Club Sport team MUST click on the link above and fill out the member release form.

Website Women's Lacrosse
Organizational Meeting

Thursday, August 29

5:00pm Rec. Humanities 150

Club Leadership

3 Coaches, 3 Captains and 3 Officers


30 to 40 members - One team

Practice Info.

M/W: 5:15-8:00pm - Kittredge Field North
F: 3:45-6:00pm - Kittredge Field North

Competition Info.

We compete regionally and nationally

National Affiliation

WDIA - Women's Division Intercollegiate Association and US Lacrosse.

Membership Requirements
  1. Must be enrolled in at least 9 credit hours and be in good standing as a CU-Boulder student
  2. Pay Club Dues $350
  3. Attend all practices and games

Funds are raised by soliciting donations from family and friends, businesses, t-shirts and merchandise sales, shipping on the hill, and clinics


Jerseys and kilts provided by Collegiate Sport Clubs for $75 deposit. Each palyer is required to have a stick, goggles, mouthguard, and cleats.


Jessica Tomlinson: