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Meeting Minutes 2008 / 2009


Minutes 8/27/08

Recreation Board Minutes August 27, 2008
Attendance: Zohal Amini, Jessica Cichinelli, Eric Economy, Dustin Farivar, Colin Finch, Trevor Fine, George Hoey, Cheryl Kent, Herb Kienle, Nan Lu, John Meyer, Kathleen Majewski, and Ashley Michelson.
Call to order: 6:37 pm

  • Introductions
    -Richard Leeds:  Go around the table and introduce ourselves.
    Chair’s Report
    -Richard Leeds: Welcome back old people; welcome aboard new people.Director’s Report
    -Cheryl Kent: Will focus on department’s culture, climate, communication, and outreach to campus constituencies.  Will meet with Band next week re Band’s use of Farrand Field.  Will have three vacancies due to turnover and retirement; will look for opportunities to make the departments more effective.
  • UCSU Report
    -Mr. Farivar showed new UCSU logo for everyone to see.  All UCSU cost centers will start using it after it is officially approved.
    -Dustin Farivar: Have been working with Ms. Kent on plans for the year; Mr. Leeds will go through ratification tomorrow.
    -Kathleen Majewski: Excited to be here and looking forward to work with the Board as the UCSU Athletics liaison; fan behavior is one of the issues the Students Athletics Committee will focus on this year.
    -Dustin Farivar: Will verify whether or not Ms. Majewski is a voting or non-voting member of the Board.
    New Business

A. Future meeting times/days/locations

It was decided Thursday at 6:00pm will work for most members

B. Facility Requests

1. Early Voting
-Dustin Farivar: Requested the Board to consider allowing Boulder County to use conference rooms 1-4 for early voting during Oct 20 -31.  UCSU fully supports this.  Why so important?  CU will be one of the first Universities to have this happen on campus; some ballot issues have impact on the students/campus.  Impact on regular Rec Center users?  UCSU is willing to work with the Rec Center and provide staffing help to ensure voter traffic does not interfere with regular Rec Center activities.  Why not UMC?  It is illegal to have it in the UMC because both College Republicans and College Democrats have offices in the UMC building.  Why does it have to be all four conference rooms?  Why not the gym?  Access control and security requirements.  Would lack of parking deter voters?  Mostly geared toward students so parking should not be a problem.
-Ashley Michelson:  How about one week instead of two weeks, as a compromise?
-John Meyer:  Arrangements made to move bumped parties/activities to UMC.  The only ones that UMC can not accommodate are the massage instruction classes and the life guard trainings; but we can somehow make it work.
-Trevor Fine: Motioned to approve as the time proposed.
-Jessica Cichinelli: Seconded the motion.
Motion passed 5 to 1.

2. Boulder Expand
-John Meyer: Will have more information next week.

C. Financials
-Nan Lu: Fiscal year end within 2% of student fee budget; Ms. Kent and Mr. Chadwick went to Finance Board in June and obtained $60,000 SOR funding for a pedestrian bridge to the Ropes Course.

D. Facilities
-Herb Kienle: Clare’s window project continues; will try to bundle the MCC project with the building’s control system project to hopefully save some money. The filter room for the pool needs to be cleaned up-safety issues.  Women’s locker room project will complete soon; let’s have a tour of it after the meeting.

E. Subcommittees
-Richard Leeds: This is a good way to get things done.  Would members of the Board please consider the time and efforts required and decide what you can commit to.

-Dustin Farivar: Environment Center hired a consultant to measure environmental footprints. Bus ride available to the CU-CSU game at 3:00pm Sunday at the Coors Events Center
-Rich Leeds:  Will get Rec Board’s listserve changed over soon.

Dustin Farivar moved to adjourn; Trevor Find seconded; meeting adjourned at 7:45pm.


Minutes 9/4/08

Recreation Board Minutes
September 04, 2008

Attendance:  Zohal Amini, Jessica Cichinelli, Eric Economy, Dustin Farivar, Colin Finch, Cheryl Kent, Herb Kienle, Richard Leeds, Nan Lu,  John Meyer, Kathleen Majewski, Ashley Michelson

Chair report

  • Richard Leeds: Ratified last week.  After meeting tonight, they will be going to ledge to give update on how we are doing as a center.  We will also be working with the staff again to see how all the areas of the recreation center area doing.  All of us will be assigned a liaison, so keep an open mind what you department you would like.

Director’s report

  • Cheryl Kent: Met with the vice chancellor and her initiatives.  Looking at organization of the student affairs staff-- will lead to a bigger discussion.  The new Vice Chancellor Julie Wong had positive comments about expanding the recreation center.   She was a Rec major in school so she understands where we are coming from. The ASG (Alcohol Strategies Group) wants to collaborate with the Rec Center and work on how to best serve our students.  We are also trying to fill the vacant positions.


  • Kathleen Majewski: UCSU has gotten the varsity athletic teams to vote.  Got all football players and moving on to club sports.
  • Dustin Farivar: Regents are reviewing bylaw and student fees will be affected.  They want to change the bylaws to say anytime a long term debt will be encouraged; it would go to a student wide vote.  This would mean that 25% of the student body would have to vote, it wouldn’t ever go to ledge council and the funding cycles would be shifted to when students pay tuition.  This would go to a vote in November

Old Business

  • Voting is all lined up, groups have been moved and security has looked at the space along with people from UCSU.
    • Boulder expand request.  We can’t do anything with it until next week.  It is a program sponsored by the city done in conjunction with CU. Have an afternoon at the rec for peoples’ physical disabilities.  They have agreed on a couple of lanes in the pool, the mat room and two basketball courts
    • Cheryl Kent: What are disabilities doing to recruit people to the program?  What other direct costs will be encored?
    • John Meyer:  Network of services.  But we can ask them to announce it more generally like in a buff bulletin.  No direct cost would be encored other than marks left on the floor by wheelchairs.
    • Colin Finch: Don’t we only waive fees for student groups?
    • John Meyer: Can’t recall if we have something set in stone, but we have made some exceptions.
    • Dustin Farivar: There are groups involved within CU.  Disability is part of diversity and VA is part of student affairs.
    • John Meyer: In the interested of time, lets make a list of questions and bring them to Howard to make a decision for next week.
    • Colin Finch: I would suggest them to pair up with a student group.
    • Dustin Farviar: The event is serving students and the community.
    • Richard Leeds: Have they contacted the city at all since it says they have teamed up with them?
    • John Meyer: This sounds like a city program, why haven’t you asked them?  Howard replied that he wanted it to be on campus so more students can get involved.
    • Richard Leeds: Would they be able to pay any fee?
    • John Meyer: Not sure, but it is funded through a grant which means that they have some money.  But we need to make our decision and then they will make theirs.
  • Meeting times and dates
    • Richard Leeds: Tight squeeze because of ledge council, are there any other days that we can meet? Two weeks from now we will not be meeting because of the football game.  We will table subcommittees until next week, but facility enhancement subcommittee with point person to get the ball rolling.  Any volunteers: Colin, Dustin, Ashley, Cheryl, Herb, Nan, John.  We will extend an offer to Rec staff and the point person will be Colin
    • New Business
  • Program area reports: recap of what we talked about earlier.  We will be signing up next week.
  • Facilities:
    • Herb Kienle: How will the new ledge change effect if something happens like the ice rink going out? What will we do?
  • Finance: No new announcements


  • There will be Club sports recognition at the game this weekend.  There will also be a Party on the Patio for the next three Friday nights.

Adjourn at 6:58pm

Minutes 9/11/08

Recreation Board Minutes
September 11, 2008


Zohal Amini, James Clark, Jessica Cicchinelli, Eric Economy, Dustin Farivar, Colin Finch, George Hoey, Cheryl Kent, Herb Kienle, Richard Leeds, Nan Lu, Kathleen Majewski, John Meyer, and Ashley Michelson


Colin Finch moves to approve the minutes for April 22, 2008 and August 4, 2008. Zohal Amini seconds the motion.

  • Richard Leeds: There will be no meeting next week unless something urgent comes up in which you will be contacted.
  • Cheryl Kent: Suggestion box: We have the ability to make the chair a point of contact to go online and read the suggestion box and IT is willing to have Rich have access to that as well. I think it’s a good idea. This will be in addition to the paper suggestions, in which we will review and disperse to our employees. We will combine sources of information; we can do the same thing with the items online and we can have them consolidated for you as a board. I just wanted to bring that up as an option so we can review those directly as an option.
    -Is there any interest?
    Richard Leeds: I would like to be able to read them.
    Cheryl Kent: There is no security required and I spoke with Bob Lombardo about it so it will be easy.

-We have had a very busy week this week as all the activities have started and the intramurals are at capacity. We have had great turnouts in pretty much every program area. Outdoor program has had the highest enrollment since 2003. We are looking forward to strong numbers throughout the fall semester. A lot of interest has been generated and we will anticipate it to continue to grow.

  • James Clark: I thought I’d come and sit in to the recreation board meeting this evening so, thanks for having me.
  • Richard Leeds: We meet every Thursday at 6pm so you are welcome to join us then as well.
  • Herb Kienle: The locker room project will be done in about a week or a week and a half but it’s definitely moving along. Also, the lightning prediction system is in so you will hear those sirens around campus sometimes.
  • John Meyer: Programs are at capacity and plus they have waiting lists. Also, the other thing is in regard to the other student organizations: We are staying pretty busy with requests for spaces for different programs and events
  • Nan Lu: We are working with a new crew of student cashiers this year and we are getting really positive feedbacks.
  • George Hoey: About the custodial appreciation week, they really do a fantastic job, they are around all the time I have seen them doing an incredible job and I want to extend a greater appreciation for the work they do and I would like you to pass that on. Is it possible to get them a card?
  • Herb Kienle: We can do that as a rec board.
  • Dustin Farivar: There is a new fund that has been created through the Alumni Center. It is an alumni project fund that offers grants to particularly engineering students as well as other students. Students can apply for these grants to look into environmental sustainability. We are starting a project to look at surrounding neighborhoods to our campus and looking at what ways we can make these buildings more environmentally sustainable.
  • Colin Finch: What’s been happing with the reagent?
  • Dustin Farivar: We sent them requests to get names of people on the committee and they have not given it to us yet. We had a meeting to talk about potential impacts on students and ICSF who will be writing a resolution. We will have a draft by next week and I will be happy to bring it.
  • Richard Leeds: We also have a conference call with one of the vice presidents of the university system Monday to talk about his perspectives and ask questions basically. So, we are making some progress.


  • John Meyer: Everyone grab the handouts. Let’s review what they [Disability Services at UCB and City of Boulder Expand Project] were asking for: This is a program where they would like to have on a Saturday afternoon Oct. 25th where they are looking for the event to go from 1-6pm in the Matroom, two lanes in swimming pool, and basketball courts. They also request for a waiver of the fees. This is through the City of Boulder Expand project to serve Iraqi Veterans with disabilities to experience different events for participation and raise awareness.

-The questions you came up with are what I handed out:

-What are they doing to recruit people?

-Advertising via buff bulletin, the Veteran’s office at CU and other CU channels.

-The next bulletin is what marks might be left on the floor by the wheelchairs. Would they be responsible for cleanup?

-“no” was their response.

  • Cheryl Kent: No, they won’t help or no, they won’t pay anyone else to do it?
  • John Meyer: That means it’s a direct cost to us. Another thing you can look at is if you give them a waiver of some fees you can assess some fees for the cost of cleanup.

Typically waivers are only done for student groups

            -They want to look for student groups that would sponsor them.

-How is the event serving students in the community? This is the 7th bullet down

-The event will provide adaptive rec services that are not necessarily available and provides exposure for students that might be interested in terms of Para athletes. He mentions Jason Regier who was recently in China who might do a short talk or presentation.

-Have they contacted the city?

-The purpose of the event is to better serve students. That’s why they want it here to provide awareness.

-Would they be able to pay fees?

                        -Depends on the fee.

-Can students who are not disabled participate?

-He calls it ‘temporarily abled’ and you can participate as long as it is not a safety concern. He is saying yes, if people want to participate they could.

-I think those were all the questions you had. Are there more questions?

  • Dustin Farivar: One thing that might make the problem go away is I’m putting them in contact with Discover Abilities and PUSH and they are interested in partnering with them so that might make it easier. I am waiting to hear back from them. They are student groups and they would be able to sponsor them.
  • John Meyer: They still need the Rec board’s approval to be at the Rec center.
  • Richard Leeds: Would it still be a student organization fee even if it is serving other people than just students?
  • John Meyer: They would have to pay direct costs.
  • Cheryl Kent: Is there any merit to making a decision tonight to allow the group and the waiver issue so we can have both cases covered?
  • Colin Finch: We can’t really vote on something that doesn’t exist yet. We can vote to agree that we are happy to have this event here.
  • Richard Leeds: We can make a motion to say we will approve this IF they end up partnering with a student group.

-Dustin Farivar moves to allow access to the City of Boulder Expand Program to the Student Recreation Center. Zohal Amini seconds the motion.

  • Cheryl Kent: One of the things about doing this sooner is that there are staffing needs that need to be fulfilled.
  • John Meyer: One other thing I talked to him on the phone about is the medical piece in terms of whether they would provide medical coverage. We want to make sure they have someone here if there are any injuries. It makes sense for you to allow them access and then have us work out the details of that if they are sponsored by a student organization and if there are other stipulations for medical personnel. Then we can take care of other things and other places besides us before it’s cancelled due to it being too late.

-Dustin Farivar makes a friendly withdrawal of his motion. 

  • Colin Finch: We need to be careful, we can’t give this group free access if they do not have a student group associated with them, because then we will be going against what we have been established as a board and then you are opening up another can of worms with problems around letting groups in.
  • Richard Leeds: Does anyone have a problem with them accessing the rec center?
  • John Meyer: Typically we wouldn’t allow any group in unless they are sponsored by a student organization. They can’t even make a request unless it is through a student organization. I think it is important that you have the student organization locked into the motion some place.

-Colin Finch makes a motion to grant the City of Boulder Expand Project access to the Student Recreation Center pending they have a student group associated with them. Eric Economy seconds the motion.

Motion passes 6-0.

Minutes 9/25/08

Recreation Board Minutes
September 25, 2008

Attendance: Zohal Amini, Tyler Dewitt, Trevor Fine, George Hoey, Richard Leeds, Nan Lu, and John Meyer



Cannot vote on the minutes this meeting -- don’t have quorum

  • Tyler Dewitt: I row for the Colorado crew team and we participate a lot with the recreation center—we are here six days a week and we like to know what’s going on so I wanted to check out one of the board meetings.
  • Richard Leeds: We have meetings every Thursday at six and you are welcome to come and sit and serve as an ex-oficio member and someone can actually proxy their vote to you if they are missing. There will be spots open in May if you are interested as well.

-Cheryl did name the two staff members: Dan and Diane to the board. That sub-committee is to push through and expand the rec center. They will be doing a feasibility study for the campus.

-The city is doing a study on CU during phase two and determining whether the campus is on a flood plain or not.

-Also, there is a flag football game that they do every semester at the rec center.

  • Nan Lu: The day will be November 9th. It may, however, be changed to the following Sunday.
  • Richard Leeds: In the past we put a team together and hopefully we get some people out to play.
  • John Meyer: You do need to be a student, faculty, or staff member to play for the team or else there is an issue of liability with that.
  • John Meyer: I don’t have any announcements, just the ledge meeting that happens after this. We don’t have anything else to update
  • Richard Leeds: Dustin was going to discuss Farrand Field and the band use. We want to make sure the band is covering the expenses for the wear-and-tear of the field.
  • John Meyer: We have a memorandum of understanding with that. That expired in January of last year. We are following up to come to an agreement with some of the principles. The tri-execs want to see us re-sign that with the band. Band use is the most damaging thing that can be done to the field due to compaction. There is trenching beginning to form on the field. If that happens there is not flat field anymore and, as they get worse, they become hazards for hurting ankles, etc. They also have an investment in the field and we want to keep it in good shape. We have been working to see what the direct cost would be to the band. The band is pushing it back to us because they think it is too much. So we would like to get an outside mediator to determine the costs for this issue. So, we have agreed to this. It’s just a negotiation of going back and forth and seeing if the band is paying their fair share of what the costs are.
  • Richard Leeds: We just feel that the band should be paying for their damage and we don’t use the field for our sports anymore so really it’s just for open rec.
  • George Hoey: If a consultant were brought in who would cover the cost?
  • John Meyer: Possibly someone in the Vice Chancellor’s office would pay, not us.
  • Richard Leeds:-Make sure to contact your liaison because we are putting together reports next week.

-Just get some facts from them about the programs: what they need, what’s going well for them, etc.

    • John Meyer: We received an email from Howard going over the Boulder Expand Program last meeting. So, they have contacted us and October 25th is too soon for them to get it planned so they asked to move it to March. I’m assuming you would still be in favor to be approved under the same conditions as before. So we have just switched from October 25th to March.
    • Richard Leeds: I’m pretty sure we voted with no dates so that shouldn’t be an issue.



NIRSA conference:

    • Richard Leeds: If you are interested in attending the conference, John has a list of times and things. You would have to miss Thursday and Friday of school but you could tour the Olympic training facility. It will be in Colorado Springs
    • John Meyer: It is the schools from Colorado and Wyoming: CSU, Northern Colorado, Colorado College, Univ. of Denver, etc. All schools in Colorado have representatives to go. If you are interested we have registration forms. We need these returned no later than October 6th if you want to go. Take an application if you are interested. We will figure out who is going and we will figure out carpooling.

-We would probably leave Thursday around 8am and stay overnight Thursday night and be back about 4:00-430 in the afternoon on Friday. It’s a two day commitment.

-It’s not a big conference but it is an opportunity for you to see another facility.

  • Richard Leeds: The only thing is you cannot be graduating this following semester in order to be eligible to go.

-we may not have a board meeting that Thursday.

-I’ll send out an email as well to everyone to see if anyone else is interested.

  • John Meyer: Make sure they know the deadline is by noon October 6th





Minutes 10/02/08

Recreation Board Minutes
October 2, 2008

Attendance: Zohal Amini, Kevin Bukstein, Eric Economy, Dustin Farivar, Colin Finch, Trevor Fine, George Hoey, Cheryl Kent, Herb Kienle, Richard Leeds, Nan Lu, Kathleen Majewski, John Meyer, and Ashley Michelson



Trevor Fine moves to approve the minutes for September 11th. Ashley Michelson seconds.

Tevor Fine moves to approve the minutes for September 25th. Zohal Amini seconds.

  • Legislative Council Meeting Update
  • Richard Leeds: We went to lege council and reported as Rec board. We told them all about Farand Field and the women’s locker room
  • Other

-I also want to remind everyone of the Rec board football game. It is November 9th at 9:00am

-Also, I will not be able to make next week’s meeting. I am fully confident that Ashley can run the meeting on her own.

  • Cheryl Kent: I would like to have the staff give some updates.
  • John Meyer: Intramurals are finishing their preliminary season and they are going into playoffs. Sports clubs have been very active so there has not been anything unusual about that. .

-Instruction program has maxed out a lot of their programs

-Outdoor program has a rope course with 168 people that have gone through the course within the last week or 10 days. So they have a lot of bookings coming up until we start getting into some bad weather. Things have been busy and everything is running pretty well.

  • Herb Kienle: We are not running into anymore problems with the women’s locker room. It is really ready to go and it has turned out pretty nice. Katie is a little concerned about when we take the visual barriers down that the steam from the showers may affect the machines so we may have to put up barriers later. The MCC (Motor Control Center) is being meshed in with the controls project--we finally have the final drawing for that. -Clare pool windows: we finally got the shop drawings, they are starting pretty soon. Ordering the windows takes about 6 weeks. They will be taking out the old windows and everything. So that project is finally showing some progress.
  • Richard Leeds: Are those windows going to be able to open?
  • Herb Kienle: Yes. It will make it a lot nicer space.
  • Nan Lu: Cheryl and I will be going to finance board for the FY report next Tuesday. I don’t expect anything exciting to happen but just so you know.

-We would also like the board to review and consider summer student passes. It is coming up and we haven’t done anything to the price in the last 6 or 7 years. Now, as it turns out, students are actually paying more to go to the center than those who are not taking summer classes and that should be reviewed. It is 5 dollars per week at the moment.

  • Dustin Farivar: The finance board is meeting at 5:15pm on Tuesday, Room 425, October 7th.
  • Richard Leeds: It would be nice if you, Ashley, could make it. I will be attending with Nan.
  • Cheryl Kent: Well hopefully most of you were at the Michelle Obama speech. From all reports the Obama crew was very happy with the accommodations they received. Normally we would have included everyone in this room with the setup of the event but it was very quick. We had to have a contract set up within an hour. We were able to get that done thanks to that staff and Dustin kept us in the loop with that. John will continue to work with possible damages to the field. We will also be having a homecoming concert there tomorrow night. We are hoping to mitigate some of the sound problems we have had in the past. There will be a community meeting after the concert to discuss future use of the field. We will discuss concerts in general and continue to work with the community to continue to have concerts on the field. I actually think you, Dustin, are invited to one of the meetings for these events. So there will be student representation at the meetings. I recently attended the big 12 conference. We do have a big 12 survey that Nan helps to put together. We want to see how we stand against our competition. We should be getting the results in mid-October for that documentation. Also, a few of us thought we were meeting today on facility expansion but that will be next week. We have had a lot of informal conversations about the facility expansion and we are starting to do background work for facility expansion. We did try to get the agenda out in advance. We will try to get the agenda out by Wednesday at the latest.
  • Dustin Farivar: We were contacted Friday at 6pm about the Michelle Obama speech. So it was very last-minute.
  • John Meyer: I did get a call at 3pm from Joe asking if anyone had talked to me about the Obama campaign and I said ‘no’. I gave him the names of two people and said that you need to get someone else to say yes at this stage because we are inside the time limit of when we can normally put together these events.
  • Dustin Farivar: I will not be here next Thursday because I will be at the big 12 student conference. We will now be consulting legal council for all of our cost centers for potential problems with Amendment 46. We don’t really know what is going to happen and we want to make sure we are preparing for not being sued by external parties. I will be working with Cheryl, Rich, and Kathleen a lot.
  • Richard Leeds: Sub-committee did not meet today. Let’s move on to program liaison reports. Does anyone have theirs ready? Hopefully next week we will start bringing in two people every week. When it comes to budget we want to make sure that everyone has a connection with each of the programs.
  • Ashley Michelson: Are we just meeting with them to get an idea of what they do or what?
  • Richard Leeds: Yes, just new things that are going on with their programs, anything that they need assistance from rec board.
  • Cheryl Kent: The important bullets of progress and any obstacles they may have.
  • Eric Economy: I met actually today with Annie and Danielle in intramurals. I asked them what problems they are encountering this year. Mainly the biggest problem is people not showing up. One of the systems they have adopted this semester is if teams know they will not be there they can email another team so it won’t count as a forfeit. Also, in a lot of the coed teams, not enough females are coming. There haven’t been too many conflicts. There have been some arguments. The procedure for arguments is the refs write them up and then they meet with Annie and Danielle. There are 1-2 supervisors at each area. Major changes since last year: gear more towards females. They started an all-woman football league. Also, they had a tennis tournament. They are encouraging teams to dress all in one specific color to avoid the use of pennies. They want to have all captains come in to talk about the game and expectations. They are at full capacity for all the sports. Their only limitation is field space. And I asked them if they knew how the percentage of students ranked with other schools. Since we have limited space most big 12 schools are ahead of us. But as a Colorado school, our only competition is with CSU. I asked them about lightning detectors: Danielle said at CSU the detectors went off all the time and it distracted from the games a lot but there have been no problems yet here at CU. One of the suggestions she said she brought up in the staff meetings is they want some kind of online registration. It gets kind of hectic, and they didn’t have the right kind of server for online registration. This is something that would help with all programs at the rec center. Overall they are all running great and students are happy.
  • George Hoey: I talked to Dan R. and the main agenda item for him in building services is the great number of thefts that are happening with the building. They are working feverishly to manage these. There have even been some thefts up to yesterday. He explained to me that they are working diligently with the problem. Also, he has a totally new staff that is being trained right now. They are concentrating on customer service. Training is going well and he is pleased with the staff. He is very proud with the way they are coming along. One thing he mentioned is that this has been a rather peaceful semester with very few fights. Again, comparing that aspect in that building vs. the thefts is a complete shift that he sees. He spoke about Bear Creek and that the participation is great. The evening sessions are maxed out with full participation. With faculty and staff usage there really is no impact on the student usage of the facility there. He said also that the new equipment is working well.
  • Colin Finch: I was more talking about the security and theft. The biggest problem is students are not using the lockers and locking them. One thing I did say I would bring to you guys is if you have any suggestions for awareness. I was curious how often you change the master key.
  • Herb Kienle: We don’t change them really but we do keep them very secure.
  • Cheryl Kent: Nothing is being stolen from locked lockers.
  • Trevor Fine: It is a difficult process to get a locker.
  • Colin Finch: It’s the same as using your ID to get into the building.  
  • Trevor Fine: What I think would be easier is make locks available at the security desk and let them grab one.
  • Richard Leeds: They are very expensive though.
  • Ashley Michelson: We can put something in the buff bulletin about the thefts with the lockers.
  • Richard Leeds: The three meter diving boards were closed and it’s just on the agenda right now.
  • Cheryl Kent: There were some concerns raised on the safety issues on the diving boards. In the meantime, there were liability issues brought up as well.
  • John Meyer: When we got the report we had a person that looked at all the boards and evaluated them and gave a report. Patti McConnell and the diving coach helped accommodate that report. From that report there were suggestions: when we meet with Tim, Patti, Herb, myself, and Barb, a couple of issues are, what do we need to do to repair them and the ongoing event of future repairs? What is happening nationally in terms of 3m boards? We are hearing that a lot of people are taking out their boards based on risk management. We felt we should do a survey on other schools about their pool areas. We sent out emails for all the list serves. We have about 30 responses at this time. We are doing a tally of them of who has turned them in. It looks like half of them have 3m boards and only allow the dive team under supervision of dive coach to use them. Other school have taken them out and replaced with slides, 1m boards, etc. A number of them have taken them out based on risk management. There are probably about half that have no restrictions at all. A couple of them asked us to let them know what we find out because they hadn’t thought about the risk management issue. Several of the schools we got responses from are Georgia Tech who hosted the Olympics but they still restrict the boards to only diving teams. There are several schools that have huge aquatic areas and we haven’t heard from all of them yet. We want to make sure that we are evaluating risk management. We also put together an action plan in making the 1m board safe. Herb did a request for proposal for getting a firm bid for a riptide group to come and repair the 1m board and taking the good board from 3m to move to 1m board. So they are set up properly while we are researching what will happen with the 3m boards. I believe if we keep the 3m boards they will be restricted to dive club. We have already proceeded to see that the 1m boards are fixed.
  • Herb Kienle: I want to update you on the costs: So, the first round will be about 3,000 dollars to get the two 1m boards functional, tuned, and balanced to accommodate the dive clubs/teams and others. They will be safe and set. That is not much of a problem except that it will be slow because they require a purchase order. After that I am asking them to do an additional estimate to bring the 3m boards into effect. His original estimates are between 8-10 thousand dollars to bring the 3m up to speed. Ultimately it will probably be a board decision about whether we want to fix them after we decide to take the risk.
  • Richard Leeds: Could we just fix one of them?
  • Herb Kienle: Yes, we could do that.
  • Kevin Bukstein: What is basically going on with the diving boards is that the south 1 m is the board that has a crack in it so we had to take it out. There are two competitive diving boards, the north one and the 3meter. All of the boards themselves are very stable and safe, and the way it is now, the 1m bases are set up for the boards that are on the south 3 meter. The bases are going to have to move up 3 inches to be put at competitive level. Also, we will only really need one 3m. The 3m stand does not need any moving at all. It just needs repairs of the boards being moved up on the stand.
  • Herb Kienle: Those are only opinions though. Now that the issues have been brought to our attention we cannot ignore them. There is nothing wrong with the other boards other than the cracked one. The only thing is that the wrong boards are on the wrong stands. Risk management is coming over tomorrow to evaluate the situation.
  • Kevin Bukstein: Unfortunately it has been a lack of maintenance on the boards and hopefully we can have better maintenance with the boards so we won’t have some of the bigger problems we are having now.
  • Kathleen Majewski: I got an email from a sponsored skier who is outraged over this situation as well. So they feel heavily affected too.
  • Cheryl Kent: We are putting more time and attention to the pool now. In terms of the short term the report is exactly where we need to go. It is highly unusual to have the 3m board open for recreation board. We are glad that it has been brought to our attention and now we can move forward. We need to decide what needs to be done and find what the minimum is that needs to be done. Its unusual to have a 3m dive board open for recreation swim. All you can do is respond to any problems that may exist. We need to look at this as a safety concern.
  • Richard Leeds: The decision to close them right away was the best decision at the time.
  • Cheryl Kent: What does the team need in terms of numbers of boards?
  • Kevin Bukstein: We would only need one 3m diving board for competition. If we leave the north 3m that is a competitive board and we still have one of the competitive boards on the 1m and we can make use of that one. We can still have competitions on the competitive 1 meter board. You also have to consider the high school’s request of its use as well. High school doesn’t have a 3 meter competition. However, it is useful for their practices. With the 3 meter, the college divers can use the board while the high school is using the 1 meter board. Just having the 1 meter is ineffective and so having the two boards is useful for everyone.
  • John Meyer: Our obligation is to CU students so we will be making our decisions based on the college students.
  • Cheryl Kent: It sounds like we need to move forward with one at least.
  • Richard Leeds: I don’t think it is at a point yet when we can make a vote until Herb gives us an amount.
  • Herb Kienle: The first step is to get the two 1 meter boards up and running and we are doing that now.
  • Richard Leeds: Last week we still will discuss the Farand field issue—the band on Farand.
  • John Meyer: We did meet with the band director on Monday of this last week and he said “I see what you are talking about” So that is the first time he has admitted that.
  • Cheryl Kent: In the research that I did and put together from program feasibility study it does state that the band will continue to use Farand Field at this point, but we still want them to pay their shares; and at this point they understand what these costs are going to be. They understand the large increase of the fee from last year to this year. Athletics is helping us out tomorrow by allowing the band to practice on the football practice field.
  • Richard Leeds: Another announcement about the trip to Colorado Springs.
  • Colin Finch: It is a really good way to get some good experience to bring back to the board.
  • John Meyer: Call me if you can’t get the form filled out by Monday.
  • Ashley Michelson: Was the application in the email that you sent?
  • Richard Leeds: No but I have some in the office.
  • John Meyer: We will be able to accommodate the transportation, hotel rooms as well. It would be Thursday in the morning at about 8am and coming back Friday at around 4pm.



Minutes 10/09/08

Recreation Board Minutes
October 9, 2008

Attendance: Jessica Cicchinelli, Eric Economy, Colin Finch, George Hoey, Cheryl Kent, Herb Kienle, Nan Lu, Kathleen Majewski, Lara McDermott, John Meyer, and Ashley Michelson



Colin Finch moves to approve the minutes for October 2, 2008. George Hoey seconds.  Motion passes 5-0.

  • Ashley Michelson: Rich did not have any announcements but I did want to remind everyone of the flag football game again.
  • Colin Finch: What’s the story with the conference?
  • John Meyer: The people who signed up were about three people. Ashley, Colin, and Rich.
  • Ashley Michelson: Can we hold off on this until new business?
  • Cheryl Kent: Let’s put this on old business.           
    • Program Area Staff Introductions and Updates:
  • Cheryl Kent: We have a guest with us tonight: Lara. As requested we ask that some of the staff drop in and visit with us to tell us what they do and to field any questions. Also we have our proposal and that is why she is here as well. Also we have Lara down as new business but we may want to move that forward to now but I will leave that up to you. The others that were to come are busy, one is out sick and the other is teaching.
  • Ashley Michelson: Do we have a list of who is coming just so we all know?
  • Cheryl Kent: Pauline is still working on that. I will put that down as an action item for me to do.
  • Nan Lu: I really don’t have anything but I have some requests from our floor staff. There seem to be some people who claim to be rec board members who seem to want to enter the rec center without a pass. You should have a pass with you to enter, please.
  • Cheryl Kent: Okay Lara, how about you tell us a bit about your department.
  • Lara McDermott: Basically, I manage the cashiers. All the money that comes into the rec center I manage. I manage the student staff in that area as well. And, that’s pretty much it. I don’t have a whole lot going on right now, it’s pretty quiet.
    • Executive Team Member Reports:
  • John Meyer: As for my update, intramurals, with their new sportsmanship rating, have seen a decrease in good conduct, especially in the basketball area. They will start playoffs next week so we will see how that goes. You need to remain a 3.0 on the conduct rating scale in order to play in the playoffs. In the playoffs if you get a 1 or below you need to go talk to Annie to see how you can modify your behavior, and if you get a 0 you are out. So it is important to maintain that behavior in the tournament. Outdoor program: a couple of different groups coming in for the challenge rope course, one is from Univ. of Wyoming and another is scheduled to come in and use the ropes course this summer-- it’s a youth program. Avalanche awareness classes have really been popular and they are seeing if they can add any classes. Instruction program: second session classes start the week of the 20th. The most popular things are yoga and pilates. So they have had to add some pilates classes and of course aerobics and cycling continue to be popular. One thing Larry wants to do is to get a survey of how people are finding out about the classes, not just the individuals in the classes but also others outside of the classes to see how they might find out about the opportunities. Club sports are busy as usually with lots of teams traveling and competing. Last weekend for instance we had soccer, lacrosse and hockey competing, all winning.
  • Herb Kienle: As for my update, the thefts have been continuing and we did look into putting them in the bulletin but Dan is in a committee across campus to see what to do and apparently it is not only the rec center. So I asked Dan to assign it to a detective instead of having just police all over campus. So, we are trying to solve this problem. The diving boards: I got the estimates for the 3m boards and it is right around $87,000 for both boards. We haven’t been able to start any of the diving board work because they haven’t sent in their W-9. So as soon as they get that in we can start that work. The women’s locker room has had its opening and we are just waiting on the door to get it finished, so that should be soon. And we have to ask whether they put the window in deep enough for people in wheelchairs not to get hit when the door opens.
  • Cheryl Kent: I think they are doing headcounts, but only if there is a female supervisor. But sometimes there isn’t a female supervisor on duty so we miss that. Also, here is the sample of the pool windows.  
  • Colin Finch: What is the time limit on this project?
  • Herb Kienle: These are 6 weeks out but there is still a lot that needs to be done. It has been a difficult project.
  • Ashley Michelson: Is the pool usable?
  • Herb Kienle: Yes, and it will continue to be throughout the work.
  • George Hoey: On the women’s locker room, has the humidity issue been discussed? I have had a couple of women ask me about it.
  • Herb Kienle: Right now the walls are still up and we are hoping there will be more air movement. We are also thinking about some ceiling fans.
    • 4th Quarter Report:
  • Cheryl Kent: The end result is we will have an end balance of just over $100,000 from a fund balance standpoint. We will be coming to HR with a variety of issues. We did have our meeting with our staff this evening to reveal the final proposal for our organizational structure in the long-term and I will have follow-up meetings with HR and I will bring in the job announcement to you and what we have been doing with that. In the meantime we will first see who John’s successor is and we would like to get some members from this group to get on the screening committee. So, if anyone has an interest please send me an email.
  • Nan Lu: Is there an expectation of the time commitment?
  • Cheryl Kent: We need people for day, night, and weekend meetings.
  • John Meyer: This isn’t going to be an open search so it won’t be going through a hundred resumes. It will only be open to this campus. It gives people an idea to see what the commitment is.
  • Colin Finch: Why is it only for this campus?
  • John Meyer: I think that there are a couple of reasons and I’m not sure if I will remember all of them but we would like to set up a system that people within a system can have a progression to see that there is advancement. We have a few people in the system who make a good salary and it allows us to hire some new people within the structure and we get more for our money that way.
  • Cheryl Kent: We need some continuity within the program and so that is why we look within the campus. Economically, personally, and with our use of resources it is the best way to go.
  • Colin Finch: If you need someone, definitely the students would be first, but I would be happy to do it. Will it be sort of like the director’s search?
  • Cheryl Kent: We will have a full day of interviewing so you wouldn’t have to be at everything but the reviewing is critical to attend. Annie is interested in being on the committee along with John, Herb, and Nan, but she said she would be willing to give up her space for a student.
  • Ashley Michelson: How many [interviews] are we expecting?
  • Cheryl Kent: I would say between 4 and 5, but we could be surprised. It does require 5 years of recreation experience.
  • Ashley Michelson: I would love to sit on board depending on the time.
  • Cheryl Kent: Why don’t you guys send me times you are available and we will bring it up at our next meeting and we will vote on it as a group. We hope to add some positions at the entry level that are underserved right now.
  • Kathleen Majewski: The publication that Dustin brought is distributed around campus and you can find it online once we get that set up. That’s all I wanted to mention.
  • Colin Finch: We had our first meeting and we are getting prepped for funding some of the things we need to do like the feasibility study. We talked about how different things need to be together, like a parking lot with the ice rink, or a weight room needs to be by itself… that kind of thing. You guys are all welcome to attend the next meeting to discuss these issues further.

  • Ashley Michelson: I feel like we should wait for next meeting because a lot of people aren’t here to discuss the liaison reports.
  • Jessica Cicchinelli: I have a question. I met with Patti and John, did you meet with Larry? Or do you want me to meet with both of them?
  • John Meyer: I think that as the liaison for the program you should check with them both. Because they both work with very different instruction portions. Even though they communicate with one another, you will get a different perspective.
    • Diving Boards – Cheryl, Herb, Rich, John
  • John Meyer: I do have the results of the survey. I have that summarized so I guess that Herb can tell me how we want to deal with that. We do have results from 29 schools. So, I have a summary sheet on that with some notes. Basically we did 4 categories for cases in which they had a 3m board and took it out. There were 9 schools that had 3 meter boards and took them out based on risk management. 3m boards in but that are just restricted: There are 11 schools in that category. There are schools in the category that have the boards open for recreation. One said it has an age restriction and another has restriction on what they can do on the boards. They have very different opinions based on the depth of their pools as well. A couple of them are from schools that either hosted the Olympics or just built an aquatic center.
  • Cheryl Kent: We still need to get word out to the clubs, to give them an update on how we are progressing with this issue.
  • Colin Finch: Can you also make sure the lifeguards are fully briefed because I’m sure students are going to them with questions.
  • Nan Lu: Why don’t you send an email to all the staff so they can have that information as well.
  • John Meyer: Herb and I will work together on that because we both have some information on the issue.

    • Flag Football Team – Trevor, Rich, Eric, Ashley, Kathleen
  • Ashley Michelson: Kathleen, you are not sure if you want to play?
  • Kathleen Majewski: I didn’t know I was even playing. But sure, I would love to.
  • Ashley Michelson: Since you didn’t know, we actually replaced you. November 9th is the game. Colin, how about you arrange the practice time.
    • Lockers Update – Ashley:
  • Ashley Michelson: So, I work for the CU police department and basically, what I do is look at issues around campus and think of ways to combat them. So, one thing that has been big is the locker theft and I mentioned that I was on the rec board  to the department so it was given to me to take care of this issue on campus. I have a meeting with Cheryl and Dan on Monday to talk about everything that we can do, but as of Monday, we are sending out a press release and we have a picture of someone who has been using a credit card that was stolen. We will also send out a buff bulletin about locking up your equipment. There have been thefts all over campus. We will be working as hard as we can to get it all taken care of. We know it has been going on for a while but we will work to fix this problem as soon as possible.
    • Facility Requests:
  • John Meyer: We do have some requests but I did not bring them today. The one that just came in yesterday is for a Boulder swim meet in January. But I figured we’d wait on that.
    • Early Voting Activity:
  • Cheryl Kent: I don’t have an update but we had some conversations at the UCSU BBQ and they mentioned doing a fun even on the first day of voting. It can’t be related to voting but it can be a different theme. They haven’t gotten anything to me yet but they meet tonight and we will get an update soon.
    • Summer Membership for Students:
  • Lara McDermott: So, I will pass around the forms. It is a current policy for the pricing for the summer memberships. So, membership for students is predominantly paid through fees. In the summer it is a little different because most students aren’t taking classes. There are a few items on there like what happens when students aren’t taking classes? They usually pay $55. Nan and I tend to give a lot of refunds because they didn’t know that they paid for it through their fees. What we would like to do is change the membership fees, instead of a general fee over the summer, change it to a weekly fee. That way they can come when they know they are available or in classes. As far as money is concerned, when you look at a 10-week summer session it was costing $63 which is about 7 dollars a week.
  • John Meyer: How many students are we talking about? How many students are here in the summer that are continuing students who are buying a pass?
  • Lara McDermott: So, last summer we sold 1,728 passes to students. We had about 48 refunds.
  • John Meyer: So it’s a pretty good number then.
  • Colin Finch: How is this going to work? My concern is that it is difficult to pay that many times.
  • Nan Lu: You can still buy several weeks at a time.
  • Jessica Cicchinelli: But paying that much a week is a lot more than $55 as a total fee.
  • Lara McDermott: It would still be on a buff card so that will not change. With every membership you have a begin date and an expiration date. So it is available to everyone so we can tell them. We can flag it however we need.  
  • Nan Lu: If we can get it flagged it will be a much better situation for students under this system.
  • Cheryl Kent: This allows them to have less hassle in terms of the time they are available to come.
  • John Meyer: It makes sense to have a weekly fee because it makes sense in terms of management. They are recommending $7 a week but we can decide on this.
  • Nan Lu: The summer UCSU fee is calculated by weeks based upon a pro-rate calculation so this new fee is reasonable.
  • Colin Finch: So how are we going to justify the $5 a day vs. $7 a week? I’m worried that students will be asking why day passes are so high.
  • Cheryl Kent: I think the equity thing is huge. I think that students who are paying fees shouldn’t have to be paying more per week for students who are not enrolled. Shouldn’t every student be paying the same thing? And what we have now does not permit that and so this new system would allow everyone to be paying the same.
  • Colin Finch: I would like to propose a flag system for students to understand when their passes are going to expire.
  • Lara McDermott: We don’t know what the student fees are going to be for next summer. They increase every year but I don’t believe it will pass the $7 per week.
  • Nan Lu: That is why the proposal is to tie the fee to the student fees to make it easier.
  • Lara McDermott: Part of the reason this even came up is that it takes so much time to explain to the students why things are happening to them. They have a lot of these questions so we want to make this simpler for the students.

Colin Finch moves to approve the proposal to sell student summer Recreation Center passes by weeks without fixed start and expiration dates, and make these passes non-refundable. The price for a weekly student pass shall be tied to the Rec Center portion of D-term UCSU fee, rounded up to the nearest full dollar. For summer 2009, the fee will be 7 dollars/week with the condition that their passes be flagged when they are about to expire. Eric Economy seconds the motion.

Motion passes 5-0.

  • John Meyer: Ashley, Rich, and Colin have signed up on the board for the conference.
  • Nan Lu: Do you have a deadline?
  • John Meyer: The deadline was the 6th. We asked for an extension to the 10th so I am going to send them in tomorrow morning. But we will need to coordinate travel because Colin may drive on his own.
  • Ashley Michelson: Do you know where in Colorado Springs it is?
  • John Meyer: It is on CU’s campus. We will be staying in 4 person rooms. Sounds like Diane and Patty McConnell are going. Dan is going and I am going. Herb might be going and Randy and Barb might be going as well. But I can’t be positive yet.
  • Ashley Michelson: Please email us when you know all the specifics.